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Author: BlackOps mod team

Readme File:
Change Log v2.1
-No Change
-No Change
-Fixed bug that caused nil value to interupt Artillery weapon switch.
-Disabled TMD on intital spawnin so you don't get it before the proper upgrades.
-No Change
-Fixed typo in AI Builder Table causing Duncane & Default AIs to break.

Install Instructions:
Remove Old Versions First - Simply delete the old SCD or /mods/BlackopsACUs folder for theo ld version before installing the new one.
Vault Package - Avalible For v2.1 - Already downloads into proper place. Can be found in /My Documents/My Games/Gass Powered/ect if you need to.
SCD Package - Unzip and drop .scd file in your /gamedata/ folder.
Zip Package - Unzip and drop the containing folder into your /mods/ folder. Make sure folder structure is /mods/BlackopsACUs/mod_info.lua. If there is an extra folder the mod will not work correctly.
Zip Package Alternate - Unzip and drop the containing folder into /My Documents/My Games/Gas Powered Games/Supreme Commander Forged Alliance/mods/ folder. Make sure folder structure is /mods/BlackopsACUs/mod_info.lua. If there is an extra folder the mod will not work correctly.

Activation Instructions:
-Activation of the mod is to simply turn it on in the Mod Manager. Please note that while Blackops Unleased is required to be installed it does not need to be activated in order for the ACUs to function properly.

Primary Features:
-New ACU Models to facilitate new upgrades.
-Roughly 24 Upgrades per side.
-Upgrades organized into Trees to make advancment options easier to identify.
-Each upgrade provides a health boost to the ACU.
-Endgame ACU Health ranges from 60,000 HP to 80,000 HP.
-Endgame ACU Firepower (DPS) ranges from 1200 to 2200+ dps.
-Upgrades times set up so that Endgame Maxed Upgrades occures at about 1hr+ mark.
-Transparent Cloak Effects.
-Anti Teleport Functions to prevent Combombing.
-Teleport Range Limitations forcing players to use their teleporters for short hops.
-Cheaper Faster Charging Teleporter.
-ACU Teleportation Range Circles. (Marked by Counter Intel Ring)
-Default & Sorian AIs Function Correctly.
-Duncane's AI has been reported to work correctly.

This Mod is designed for people who don't like the fact that the commander is nothing but a liability during later game assassination games. The concept behind it is to allow the commander to be continuously upgraded throughout the game to allow the commander to compete in a front line role on the battlefield. To do this I have created 8 trees of upgrades totaling out to roughly 24 upgrades per side. These trees are divided but function rather than the random placment the GPG seems to have used and while all the effects from the original upgrades should be included they have been recombined and readjusted to the functions of the trees.

The Trees are broken up and grouped based on location for easier choices.
-Left Arm Upgrades are always going to be your engineering systems. These are used to both adjust the costs/time of other upgrades so they are more reasonable to purchase as well as adding to the commanders tech level build capability. Engineering system come in two flavors. Improved Engineering gives the standerd engineering bonuses as well as providing an increase in RAS subsystems at each level allowing the commander to help with the economy as well. Combat Engineering varies for each commander but rather than providing RAS boosts you get combat systems that allow your commander to bring more toys to the front line.
-Right Arm Upgrades are always primary weapon systems and tend to constitute for 70% or more of your ACU's total firepower. All ACUs have three primary weapon systems to choose from. One is a Sustained Fire low overkill weapon that is designed for moving through groups of smaller units quickly. The second is a lower Single Shot cannon that tends to do a large amount of damage and splash to a single point. The Third is a high powered torpedo launcher designed to mince ships wuickly and keep your commander safe underwater, however you will loose most of your land based firepower.
-Backpack Upgrades are going to be the largest part of your upgrades as far as unique capabilities for your commander. These come in several flavors. Defensive Backpacks will often offer the largest single chunks of health effecting bonuses and usually contain shields or armor systems. Electronics Backpacks upgrade your omni and vision radius and provides various countermeasures. Combat Utility Backpacks are probobly the larges one to vary between sides as these tend to focus more on unique features provided by that sides theme as I see it.

Each upgrade is also marked with a tech level in parethesis next to the upgrades name. This represents the optimal commander tech level for which to build this upgrade. Optimal commander tech level is basically the tech level of units/buildings your engineering systems allow you to build. While it is possible to build a T2 or higher upgrade on a commander that has no engineering the time it takes to build the upgrade will be much higher (on the lines of 3x) then if you built the engineering system first. This is done to help control the flow of the upgrades throughout the coarse of the game. It should also be noted that building an upgrade that is lower than your current commander's tech level (for example building a T2 item with a T4 commander) will result in the upgrade building alot faster than normal but at a higher economy drain.

I will also note for those who will wonder what happens to the early game. All of my new and redesigned upgrades are set up for T2 and later as far as balance is concerned. To help combat this I have added the T1 weapon upgrades that already existed (though are now probobly renamed) to the weapon arm. This allows you to get the normal gun upgrade like you would have been able to do anyway to give a slight early game DPS boost. If you do build the T1 weapon upgrade when you move to T2 and go to install a new weapon from one of the trees you will get the "are you sure you want to remove" box. Its because your removing that upgrade to install something different. Don't worry about this as the basic gun upgrade effects are re-applied no matter which new weapon you choose.

While there are alot of upgrades to choose from and even more combinations I have tried to incorporate something for each player style from rush to turtle. These upgrades are also set up for the long game which means you arn't going to max out your acu in a game thats 20min long with nothing but pure combat. But this is by design to make your choices in such situations even that much more varied. You will have to weigh the value of each possible choice for how you want to play your commander. Endgame ACU max upgrade is set to average out to about 1hr game time depending on how rough the combat is.

---===Mod Team===---
Exavier Macbeth
Insane Rocket Scientist
Mod Author (Coder)


Weapons Code from Unleashed

Tips dealing with AIs

Transparent Cloak System

Original Anti-Teleport Coding Hel

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