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Author: Manimal

Readme File:
Hi all,

I've worked on the console in order to try and "give" it some more features that it lacks (IMHO).

Current Features:


* Console Window minimum fixed size enlarged a lot so that it can show up all of its features.
* New Orders: Help (fully legible), CON_ClearDisplay, NoShake, Info (for sending a text message).
* New buttons [+] [-] [x] [?] [New] [Load] [Save] [Run]
* Simple Batch editor using the new Drag'n'Drop feature + the buttons above + RMB or LMB Double click.
* New Dropdown Box with integrated Commands Tooltips that is part of the Batch Editor. Smile
* Backup Batch in the Player Profile
* Execution of Batch commands (including new ones) from the Console
* New summarized Help Window about the Console and the Command Batch Editor.
* Currently Localized for French, Deutsch, Espaņol and soon Dutch.

Console Settings :

* Alpha Setting is now Lockable
* New Preference "NoShake" with a locker (explosions won't shake the screen)
* New Preference "Favorite Game Speed" with a button to toggle its use.
* Backup of the new Settings and Preferences in Player's Profile.
* Auto-Fixes the preferences recorded by the previous versions so that they match the new ones.

Known issues:

* Probably engine related: the command that was drag+dropped is not shown as selected.
* Probably engine related: a command can be unexpectedly cloned by drag+dropping it. (do NOT drag too fast)
* Some NEW Tooltips will display in english only (except for French players).
* Execution of certain Console commands is still possible in Replay / NIS mode!
* Still some residual Console Echos (cosmetics, needs an improved filtering)

Projects & Ideas:


* Check Batch commands before its execution via conFuncsList.
* Auto-Run a batch when a game is launched.
* New button [List Commands].
* New buttons [UnDo] and [ReDo].
* CommandLineArg / noshake (among other parameters to come)
* Prevent the execution of certain commands in Replay Mode / NIS
* Improving the filtering Console Echo to see the useful echos only.
* Improve / Complete functions Load / Save the Batcher.
* Add a NetworkStats
* Add ability to create + save several batches.
* Make the Console window TOTALLY resizable again ?
* Allow to view the in/out Network stream on a single line.
* New Commands "Ignore" and "UnIgnore", savable in player preferences.

Console Settings :

* Enable or not NetworkStats function at start according player preferences.
* .

Needed translations in the following languages :
- Espaņol (a better version than mine)
- Italiano
- Cesky
- Suomi
- Svenska
- Dansk
- Polski
- ???????
- ???

That is to say all languages but: French, English Deutsch, Spanish and soon Dutch.

Unpack the RAR file to the mods folder.

Credits :

Manimal made everything but some localizations.

Thanks to : (sorted by date)
- Roi Danton for the localization in German.
- Legion Darrath for the localization in Dutch.

Progresses :

Polished, uploaded and released my mod Console Plus v1.

Released my mod Console Plus v1.1 that is now localized in Deutsch and Spanish.

For now: I'm trying to make a cooler Edit box + to add in /NoShake (among others) as command line parameter for game shortcut.

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