Supreme Ruler 2020, review by herodotus

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Seriously Difficult Strategy Game (?) for Serious Strategists.

You need to be a fan of the original as this one has decided that Tutorials are for sissies. I'm afraid playing a game that requires a working knowledge of MS Excel spreadsheets and flowcharts not to my taste. Did you not discuss Diplomacy because as I found, it is impenetrably difficult? Aegod's American Civil War is hard enough, but this is plain sadistic. If Grand Strategy is your thing, then Superpower might be a better bet. As for the tactical battles, which are very similar to the Hearts of Iron titles then it is better to look elsewhere. Close Combat: Modern Tactics is a better bet, bringing back the now classic squad combat in real time, only now set in present day conflicts.
Seriously, if you loved SR 2010, then you'll no doubt enjoy this offering. For everyone else, the learning curve is so steep, it is vertical.
Posted on 07/07/2008 14:05
7.0 good

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Damn, You're right. Unfortunatly I am stubborn enough to try and take the challenge. It's since Balance of Power that play geopolitical simulators, but every time is truly a serious and difficult affair.
Posted on 09/05/2011 09:50