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Author: Ezekel

Readme File:
- added "start" arrow to the attack plan map
- added an extra route to get to point C for attackers (through the barrel filled building), letting them come out between C and D, for a flanking attack option.

- plus 1 second to B cap
- custom signs
- changes to the arrows
- lighting changes

- attack and defense plan maps added to team spawn areas
- slight change to B to make it less protected from snipers to reduce the the ninja cap/scout cap effect
- revised the arrows/signs, removing some, and making others clearer
- made the "sniper exhail" deck slightly easier to reach
- a couple of lighting and prop changes

- removed erroneous signs pointing to a removed spawn/resupply room
- added signs at point A that indicate the primary route(s) to get to B
- added a few more props/details
- rotated/resized a couple of textures to line up better.

better streamlining for spawns primarily, and many other minor fixes on top of this.

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