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Author: Megadude
Map start date: August 2008
Map finish date: May 2009
Map name: pl_arms_race
Finished status: 100% finished
Current version: Final 1.0



Place the files into your team fortress 2\tf folder.


Team Blu have decided to try to put Team Red out of business by setting up their own mining company. Team Red have responded by setting up their own bomb making company. Both teams are fighting for domination of the mining industry, and are looking to bomb the opposition into submission.


Both teams must push their own coloured bomb to the opposing team's base, while stopping their opponents from doing the same. First team to push their bomb through the entire course wins the round, and the rights to mine for coal and copper in Antarctica!



Custom models - Valve/Megadude
Custom skins/textures - Valve/Megadude
Custom banner textures - mrmof
Custom sign textures - Nineaxis/Megadude
Arranging playtesting of beta version 1.1 - octodhd


Changes made in Final Version 1.0 -

*Finalised lighting in vents.
*Adjusted outdoor lighting to try to reduce the darkness of some areas.
*Displaced ground in central area of map.
*Added extra details to Blue areas.
*Widened additional doorways.
*Added extra side rooms and structures.
*Replaced some brush models with props.
*Added additional playclip brushes, including on stairs.
*Place decals under health/ammo pickups.
*Increased size of dispenser trigger and capture area.
*Added observer points.
*Added signs to show directions to enemy base.
*Blocked off the area underneath the walkway connected to the 2 storey hut.
*Added soundscapes.
*Added custom cappoint models.
*Added final explosion.

Changes made in Beta Version 2.0 -

*Added 3D skybox.
*More areas textured, lit and detailed.
*Increased playable height in outdoor areas.
*Increased the width of narrow doorways.
*Increased size of some openings to allow players to fit through them.
*Changed windows on roof of central building to allow players to enter building via the roof.
*Changed some areas of brushwork into models.
*Removed the teleporter models in Red spawn rooms, (they were supposed to be there just for looks).
*Changed small hut buildings into larger 2 storey buildings.
*Named map pl_arms_race.
*Increased speed of cart.
*Added scoreboard in spawn rooms to show which points have been captured.
*Added sparks to cart when it moves backwards.
*Added raised ground in central area to provide cover and to provide a vantage point.
*Placed more playerclip brushes throughout map.
*Added extra set of stairs in areas close to spawn rooms.

Changes made in Beta Version 1.1 -

*Fixed blue team not being able to capture points after the first point.
*Fixed blue team being told they needed to capture a previous point, when they had already done so.
*Fixed issues with riding blue cart - should now be very unlikely to get stuck to cart when riding it.


Known issues:

It is possible to get stuck in the cart if you are very close to it when it turns, or if you are on top of it when it goes up or down hills. After research into this, I've determined that this has occured in several custom maps, and is a bug that can occur in custom payload maps, even when the cart setup is the same as Valve's setup. The bug becomes worse in maps with lots of turns or steep uphill/downhill sections, which unfortunatly this map has, (I was unable to reduce this without major deconstructive changes to the layout and the map). The best advice I can give to avoid this, on this map and any other custom payload map, is to avoid hugging the cart, especially at corners, and only travel on top of the cart when it is travelling on flat ground.


If this map is redistributed, this readme must be included.

This map is under a Creative Commons licence -

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