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Key Features

▪ Installer —— Auto Install Touhou Fortress 2 to your Steam. You can choose which part you want to install.
▪ Uninstall —— Because of Steam pipe , it is easy to uninstall.
▪ Touhou Loading Style
▪ Four Gensoukyou Backgrounds
▪ Forty-Three Touhou Characters in the Main Menu
▪ Touhou Fortress Logo (Chinese)
▪ 17 Pieces of Touhou Music on Main Menu and Touhou button sound effects
▪ A Complex Scripting and 3 new buttons :"Play Next","Stop" and "Play Bad Apple Video". You can use them even in-game unless the Server sets sv_pure to 1.
▪ A Bad Apple Startup Video
▪ And so on...

Made by : hth

Supporters : Supergunner2 00912 Piploli

Programming support : Env107 MGH

Character images:Touhou Pocket War EVO&Touhou Pocket War 2nd
Background images:Pixiv artists
Menu style:Garm3n HUD

Added universal special uninstall files.

Solved installation failed problem (because install directory includs blank space leading cmd
unable to create folders) in theory.

Added 'Disable character displaying' option.
Fixed installation failed problem*2 (because of not choosing install menu)

Bugs fixed (custom installation won't copy scripting).

Bugs fixed (custom installation misses copying music playing button textures).

Bugs Fixed (not able to display haunted items stats color because of Hallomas update).

Steam Pipe supported.

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