The Bard's Tale Patch, Demo, Movie (PC)

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Patch 1.01

This patch will update The Bard's Tale to version 1.01.

Patch added: 01.07.2005 | the_bards_tale_1.01.exe | 553 KB | 4515 downloads

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The Bard's Tale Updated Demo

This updated demo contains tutorial, and as well the Mountain Tomb level from the Chapter VI: The Mountain Pass area.

Demo added: 25.05.2005 | bardstale_demo_en.exe | 264.95 MB | 679 downloads

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The Bard's Tale Demo SP

Try out the Bard's Tale, an action game in which the player takes on the role of the Bard - a sardonic and opportunistic musician and adventurer.

Demo added: 23.03.2005 | the_bards_demo.exe | 277.89 MB | 316 downloads

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Screenshots Pack

All game screenshots packed into a ZIP file for easy viewing.

Movie added: 09.03.2005 | | 6.71 MB | 96 downloads

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