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Author: pk_peachykeen

The United States, forced into a global-peacekeeping role in late 2008, attempted to continue its "War on Piracy" and "War on Terror", despite major issues quickly spreading throughout Eurasia. Eventually a coalition of underground hackers declared their own war on the US government, nearly simultaneously with a government offensive towards gang activity.
Faced by a united piracy and hacking scene and an alliance of many major street gangs, both of which had declared open war, the United States suffered many embarassing defeats on its own soil.
As the rest of the world began to see the only super-power being weakened, some of the more daring nations launched their own offensives. Unfortunately, the failing NATO alliance was catalyzed into action, and over the next few months what little remained off civilization was irradiated into rubble.

Six years later, in a few small settlements spread out through the US have carved out niches in the new world. The largest settlements along the East Coast have joined together as the Confederacy, a just if somewhat corrupt collection, and the people within their new borders are being registered as citizens in a slow, but sure, process.

One such soon-to-be citizen is being registered in the Blue River Settlement, about to leave the Town Hall. That citizen is you.

Rule 12 is built on the Morrowind engine, but some major mechanics are changed. All classes receive abilities (replacing spells), which can be learned and trained in, and allow special actions. Some actions ingame require minimum stats. Eventually (hopefully), an optional MWSE/MGE addon will allow even more abilities, like sniping and real night-vision. Inventory is limited both by weight of items and by limits on the number of each type, affected by stats (eg, a weak character can only carry one rifle and one pistol, a strong character could have two of each). NPCs are also improved, with schedules and script-enhanced AI.

Update for dev build 1. Allows the mod to be loaded with only movie/music errors, completes chargen. Adds more models/texs etc, finished Fallout tileset.

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