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Deus Ex Machina is primarily a steampunk/technology mod. Most of the stuff in it is a mix of Sotha Sil and Dwemer styles. Features:

-A epic main quest, with unique boss battles (That come with their own music), and specialized scripted events, such as killer trains, explosions, enormous battles, and a lot of running away.

-An entire new land to explore, about the size of Solstheim, complete with new dungeons, 3 new towns, and an enormous steampunk city.

-An enormous clockwork, metal city, sprawling with NPCs and flavor. Trains move overhead, performers perform, muggers mug you, and the Day watch and the Night Watch shift places based on the time of day, as well as over 100 interiors to explore, from simple homes to huge factories.

-Ability to join the Technomancer's Union, and master the art of magical machinery, or go against what you were told and become a necrotechnomancer.

-Ability to join the Crateheads, a local cult with reality warping agendas, often which make the player sick. And as you'll find out, make quite a few other people sick as well.

-Over 50 sidequests, including two fully joinable factions, as well as the main quest.

-The ability to become the ruler of a completely desolate Dwemer city, complete with ghostly citizens, and a working elevator, submarine and railroad!

-New methods of fast travel: Trains, submarines and subways! Both on Vvardenfell and on Omicron, with the Vvardenfell locomotive actually rideable and able to move in real time. And yes, it comes with a whistle.

-New armor, weaponry, clothing, and misc. items, some with specialized effects. Technomantic armor, clockwork swords, dispenser belts, even firearms.

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