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A large number of new NPC's and new vicious creatures.
Shops and other important houses will close nighttime.
Various tweaks to make the game more balanced.
New music, splashscreens and new main menu.
Better landscapes with less seams and floaters
New weapons, armor and misc items.
Reworked cities and locations.

And much much more..

Morrowind Rebirth will require the expansion packs.
Morrowind Rebirth only works for the US/UK versions of the game.
Taddeus's ”On The Rocks”.


I recommend using ”Morrowind Code Patch” along with Morrowind Rebirth.


It does work fine with the ”Sound & Graphics Overhaul,” with one exception, you need to deactivate grassmods.
This mod will require a high end computer to run smoothly. You have been warned.

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