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Return to the magical Island of Vvardenfell once more in this huge overhaul, Morrowind Rebirth. Find new enemies to fight, exciting areas to explore, gain access to new weapons to slay your foes or just roam the huge world that's out there. Whatever you do, you'll be sure to find something new and interesting in nearly every corner of the gameworld. Rebirth is close..don't miss it.

Rebirth Fixes and additions

* Fixed icon for the Falmer Shortsword.

* Reworked the weights of Paper/scrolls.

- Plain paper/Notes: 0.20
- Scrolls: 0.40

* Storm/fire/frost Atronachs' now glow in the dark.

* New travel agent in Dagon Fel.

* It's now harder to pick locks and disarm traps, some traps are also more deadly.

* Adjusted several pathgrids, now they should work properly.

* "Koal Cave" were covered by a covered by a rock, fixed.

* Replaced the overhangs on Hlaalu towers with one that's more fitting.

* Removed and replaced one of the tree types in the Bitter Coast, less blocky meshes for the people!

* Rebalanced all (almost) spears in regard to length, speed, damage and so on. A Daedric spear should for example be much slower than a silver spear due to its wieght.

* New Gondola service in Balmora & Seyda Neen.
Vanilla Fixes

I'm quite sure that a lot of these fixes e are already present in the Morrowind Patch Project.
However the MPP is a Master File, so unnecessary fixes will be overwritten.

* MISC: "Borwen", removed faction: "Ashlanders".

* MISC: "Shat gro-Shazog" & "Orbul gra-Lumob" have been given weapons to fight with.

* MISC: "Gulfim gra-Borbul" in Gorak Manor had no pants.

* MISC: "Rulfim gra-Ogdub", a prisoner in Buckmooth Legion fort had no clothes.

* MISC: Sirollus Saccus were supposed to provide training options, now he does.

* MISC: Black Arrow, Volume 1 -> Black Arrow, Volume I

* MISC: misc_dwrv_artifact30, weight 0.01 > 0.10.

* MISC: Horned Lily will now respawn.

* MISC: Holly Bush will now respawn.

* MISC: Changed Cell name (-6,17): “Ashlands Region” to “Druscashti”.

* MISC: "Gah julan" and "Teegla" are now wearing slave bracers.

* MISC: Removed "auto-calculate" from "Ungeleb" in Mournhold, Magic Shop.

* MISC: Scroll Of Element Frost/Fire had wrong font size, corrected to "2".

* MISC: "Erval" in Pelagiad had no AI package.

* MISC: Removed auto-calculate from Sjoring Hard-Heart since it messed up his stats.

* MISC: "Dul gro-Dush" in Gnisis, class warrior > guard.

* MISC: "Yakov" (the Altmer slave in the Suran Slave Market) didn't have a slave script attached.

* CREATURE: "Staada", a golden saint encounter were improperly set as a creature instead of daedra. Also marked "corpse persist".

* CREATURE: Removed soul value from all spider centurions.

* CREATURE: "Lich Barilzar" had a soul value of 30, which didn't seem right since he's such a powerful foe. 300 seem like a more reasonable number.

* CREATURE: Spiggans now have a chance to drop heartwood.

* CREATURE: Netch_Giant_UNIQUE, scale 1.0 > 1.2.

* CREATURE: Added missing spells/ingredients/abilities to several creatures.

- atronach_flame_ttmk
- atronach_frost_ttmk
- atronach_frost_gwai_uni
- scamp_mg_apprentice
- centurion_spder_tga1
- ancestor_mg_wisewoman
- fabricant_hulking_C
- fabricant_hulking_C_L
- fabricant_summon
- BM_horker_swim_UNIQUE
- BM_riekling_be_UNIQUE1-5
- ash_ghoul_fgr
- ash_ghoul_fgr

and some others..

* ARMOR: Adamantium pauldron, enchantment 100 -> 30.

* ARMOR: Iron Cuirass, health 2000 > 200.

* ARMOR: Heavy leather boots, AR 50 > 5. Health 500 > 50. Value 100 > 10.

* ARMOR: Netch Leather Tower Shield, AR 5 > 6 / health 100 > 120.

* WEAPONS: Corrected a few weapons that used the wrong enchantment.

* WEAPONS: Stendars Hammer, damage 100 > 160.

* WEAPONS: King's Oath , fire damage self > touch.

* INGREDIENT: Hackle-Lo Leaf, value 30 > 3.

* INGREDIENT: Adamantium Ore, weight 50 > 5.

* ALCHEMY: Exclusive Frost Shield Potion, duration 30 > 60.

* ALCHEMY: Spoiled SlowFall Potion, slowfall magnitude 1 > 10.

* ENCHANTMENT: Viper_en, duration 10 > 1.

* ENCHANTMENT: cruel viper_en, duration 0 > 1.

* ENCHANTMENT: shard_en, magnitude 0-7 > 1-4.

* ENCHANTMENT: dire shard_en, magnitude: 3-7 > 5-11.

* ENCHANTMENT: dire spark_en, magnitude: 3-7 > 5-11.

* ENCHANTMENT: Arrow of wasting shard_en, effect weakness to shock > weakness to frost.

* ENCHANTMENT: Arrow of wasting shard_en, effect shock damage > frost damage.

* SPELL: Charming Touch, duration 30 > 10.

* SPELL: Life Force > Drain Life Force.

* SPELL: Rally Beast from, target > touch.

* SPELL: Demoralize Beast from, target > touch.

* SPELL: Strong heal companion from, self > touch.

* SPELL: Resist Paralysis, duration 30 > 5.

* SPELL: Resist Paralysis, Removed auto-calculate

* SPELL: Resist Poison, magnitude 20 > 10.

* SPELL: Resist Shock, magnitude 20 > 10.

* SPELL: Five fingers of pain, from demoralize humanoid > poison.

* SPELL: Curse Endurance from, target > touch.

* SPELL: Absorb health, magnitue 2-52 > 5-20.

* SPELL: Absorb Intelligence [ranged], magnitude 2-52 > 5-20.

* SPELL: Absorb intelligence [ranged], absorb attribute: agility > intelligence.

* SPELL: Absorb luck [ranged], absorb attribute: agility > luck.

* SPELL: Absorb willpower [ranged], absorb attribute: agility > willpower.

* SPELL: Hand of Azura were improperly named Hand of Dagoth.

* SPELL: Witbane, drain attribute: agility > intelligence.
New creatures

Hill Giant

New Dremora Lords

The Walking Dead

* Hill Giant.

* 3 new Dremora Lords (Inspiration, god and terror).

* 4 new skeleton encounters (Nordic Skeleton Hero, Orchish Skeleton Hero, Dumner Skeleton & Skeleton Warrior)
New weapons & armor

* Emperor's Defence, a new unique shield.
New music

Written by: Benedict Nichols

MW Rebirth - Across the Lands - Mod DB

MW Rebirth - A Knight of our Land - Mod DB

MW Rebirth - Death of Svengorn - Mod DB
Landscapes & locations

New Ald'Ruhn

Working on 1.8!

* New waterfall north of Balmora.

* More details and fixes for Seyda Neen, Balmora & Caldera.

* Improved vertex shading for a few areas in the West Gash/Ascadian Isles.

* New tavern by the Ghostgate, Three Daggers.

* Reworked Ald'Ruhn to look more like the devs concept art. Temple Complex by Xeth-Ban.

New beast animations

* New Beast animations by Dirnae.

* Improved meshes for dock/telvanni statics (Optional).

* New mesh for the Netch Leather Shield (Optional).

High Res Armors by Saint_Jiub

High Res Armors by Saint_Jiub

High Res Armors by Saint_Jiub

* High Rez Armors, Native Style. This specific pack will update the following armors:
Ebony, Bonemold, Netch, Chitin, Dwemer & Glass. I didn't make any work on this, all
credits go to Saint_Jiub, thanks! (Optional).

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