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ARKTWEND, the prequel to "Nehrim - At Fate's Edge" TC translated into English by Golden Thief and
enhanced by john.moonsugar.

About Arktwend

Arktwend is a total conversion to The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind.

Arktwend is the name of the country in which the game is played. The size of the continent is around 30 square kilometers, making it larger than Morrowind. The player traverses idyllic forests, birds are flying through the air, animals such as sheep, deer, hares, wild boars and wolves cavort on the ground and fish swim in the underwater. Leaves fall from trees, grass and grain sway in the wind.

In between, there are always settlements, the largest city in the game is about the size of Vivec. A large part of the game takes place in Stormwend, the intellectual and cultural center of Arktwend, here are many guilds where you can join the city guards, the cleric, the gladiators, the Brotherhood or the Thieves Guild. One rumor, however, is that somewhere in the woods of Arktwend there still is a guild of hunters that has kept hidden, a group of rough boys.

The player can join each of these guilds and receive quests from them. In Stormwend itself resides Kanzler Brutus, a power-crazed tyrant, he has withdrawn into the big tower on the outskirts of the city front, from here the fate of the whole Arktwend will be decided. Furthermore, there are many small villages and castles throughout the country in which the player can fulfill side quests. The player begins his adventure in a monastery where he grew up, outside the monastery the whole wide world awaits him. But strange things have happen in Arktwend - Shadows roam the land and long-forgotten, old forces pushing back the power. The age of heroes has begun!


1000 NPC's
CA. 30km ² land mass
Almost a thousand-interior
Mushrooms and plants are not "excluded" but disappear after they are picked, then grow after a certain amount of time again.
Other Features: tree cutting, grain harvesting, cooking, wood processing, wool processing, ore mining, smithing and forging.
Several "runes" when used impact various attributes of the player.
Dimension doors through out the world which one can use to enter other dimensions and explore.
New weapons, armor and items
New, independent action
New Soundtrack

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