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Extends Ald Redaynia to match the description in the game topic "Sheogorad Region", describing a small village. Similar in style, but a little smaller than Dagon Fel, Ald Redaynia has all the shops, homes and services you would expect to find in an isolated fishing community.


Extract the files into your MorrowindData Files directory, ensuring that textures, meshes, etc. end up in their desired locations.

It is strongly advised that you use a new savegame to avoid 'doubling' errors or other incompatibilities related to 'dirty saves' - which occur after adding, modifying or removing .esp files.

From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the Ald Redaynia Extended.esp OR the Ald Redaynia Extended COM.esp file. The COM version is *only* for use with Emma's Children of Morrowind mod ( and will not work without it - if you don't have that mod, use the Ald Redaynia Extended.esp.
PLEASE DO NOT play both .esp files together or errors will occur.


This mod is compatible with Necessities of Morrowind. To enjoy full functionality, please ensure that NOM is loaded AFTER this mod, by using Wrye Mash or by opening NOM in the CS and saving without any changes.


* Fully functioning village with tavern, tradehouse, chapel and houses.
* NOM compatible with foods and well.
* Three short quests - ask about the 'latest rumors'.
* New, unique dialogue.
* Evocative three-bedroomed player home available for purchase.

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