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The Wizards' Islands are an undetermined number of islands having own unique storylines, and related through a main story. They will be released in separate chapters, starting with the cold Island of Winter. The questing and plotline interactions bear more resemblance to Black Isle games than the crude generic dialogue of Morrowind, with custom dialogue for all NPCs.

The Winter Island is larger than Solstheim, including dense forest, immense mountains, frozen lake, a pair of large towns with unique architecture & much more, including epic architecture, like cathedrals & castles, and over 100 interior cells, without counting dungeons (only town and misc.)

Many dungeons, and the size of them can go up to 15 cells each, darker and harder than the ones in Morrowind. Some of them will take days to finish, and use customised tilesets to create gigantic ice caves and massive descents into the earth.

The Winter Island holds a rich and vast history dating back 3 millenia, which gives you insights into the bizarre cultures of the Winter Island, how the situation came to pass, introduces you to figures past and present and grants insights into your task ahead and greatly enhanced knowledge of the fauna of the island.

New, unique and more intelligent behaving creatures will roam the icy mountains, wielding the same new magics that you do, and challenging even the most battle hardened group of warriors to the maximum, using a more pronounced 'vicious circle' dynamic of strengths and weaknesses, destroying the 'bash everything' style of play created by Morrowind oversubtle avoidance of classic 'rock, paper, scissors' relationships.

Over 200 npcs will populate the town and surroundings, all with unique dialogue made by our team of talented writers.

A large amount of unique weapons and armors, featuring unique enchantments and powers never before seen in Morrowind, such as fearsome vorpal enchantments.

An exclusive 150 minute soundtrack (nearly 4x Morrowind), composed by professional musicians, in a range of styles from ambient to orchestral, with a fully dynamic music system, featuring locational, time based, event based, incidental and boss music on top of the standard explore/battle music.

Masses of new and unique spell effects, from comets to walls of ice and a huge list of new summoned creatures, including some truly awe inspiring effects than can only be cast by the truly superhuman.

Full traits and perks system, allowing the casting of the most powerful spells, barbarianism, 6+ new techniques of magic casting, levelling musical/bard skills with a full range of instruments and various martial techniques.

Crossover with mods such as Werewolves and Blood and Gore.


How many hours do you expect it would take an average player to finish your mod?

20-30 hours, more if you take the time to explore and discover all the 'phat lewt' and develop your character to the maximum.

How long has Wizards' Islands been under development?

11 months since official development began as a team project.

Are there any new guilds, groups or associations that players can join?

Possibly, at the moment there are no plans to allow entry to the factions (though a post release mod may enable it)

Are there any changes to the combat system?

Presently, no, asides from the character feats. GhanBuriGhan's 'Combat Moves' is recommened as *the* mod for those who are so inclined - to duplicate it in a quest mod would be pointless.

Are there any changes to character development system?

Yes, as mentioned in the description, there is a branching feat based augmentation to the character development, equivalent to 'Epic Level' D&D, augmenting the player's powers and abilities - and you will need them!

Any dragons in the expansion?

Shhhhh. There's been *whisperings* of dragons that (shock horror) aren't stupid attack-cast fireball-die creatures. But that would be too shocking a revelation to come out with at this stage of development now wouldn't it?

Will there be mercenaries to hire or pack animals to buy?

That's not a very nice way to talk about your party. Yes. *party*. Intelligent, levelling, plot driven NPCs. Now there's a concept...

Will Wizards' Islands require Tribunal or Bloodmoon?

Currently Tribunal, maybe both (maybe a Tribunal version and a Trubunal/Bloodmoon version).

Are there any postions available in the Wizards' Islands team?

There's always places for talented modellers, and also skilled writers with some editor experience. But please, no more 'interior designers' or 'landscapers'.

People with webspace and *experienced* beta testers (we currently have one professional tester) are always welcome too :D

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