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Category Name Total Files Total Downloads Total Size Last Updated
Total / Partial Conversion Mods 4 41,951 2,107.47 MB Feb 16, 2012
New Weapons 6 23,359 985 KB May 8, 2011
New Gear / Armor 9 115,560 105.72 MB Mar 15, 2011
Skins / Textures / Menu Mods 6 31,080 46.99 MB Mar 11, 2011
Graphic Mods 3 25,781 13.51 MB May 6, 2010
New Areas / Scenarios 21 87,876 677.06 MB Sep 27, 2012
General Mods 30 102,773 1,592.70 MB May 9
GUI Mods 2 4,708 342.44 MB Sep 15, 2011
Tools 8 27,579 2.96 MB Jun 3, 2010
All Mods 1,118 2,102,396 27,546.82 MB May 9
Tent In Imperial City waterfront

New house in Imperial City waterfront with everything for living! and also, you get dog with it!

Mod added: 03.05.2010 | MyTentInImperialCity.rar | 3 KB | 2712 downloads

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Room In "A Fighting Chance" v3.1

This mod from DarthLordGuc adds new room in shops called "A Fighting Chance" and "The Merchants Inn".

Mod added: 02.05.2010 | Room In A Fighting Chance v3.1.rar | 3.78 MB | 1142 downloads

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Room in "A Fighting Chance" v2.0

This mod from DarthLordGuc gives you COMPLETE ACCESS to a shop called "A Fighting Chance" and adds a new room in it.

Mod added: 07.04.2010 | Room in A Fighting Chance v2.0.rar | 3 KB | 1056 downloads

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Room in "A Fighting Chance" v1.2

This mod from DarthLordGuc will fix v1.0 and v1.1 bugs. For full description and screenshots, look at Room in "A Fighting Chance" v1.0 .

Mod added: 04.04.2010 | Room in A Fighting Chance v1.2.rar | 1 KB | 158 downloads

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Room in "A Fighting Chance" v1.1

This mod by DarthLordGuc fixes some v1.0 bugs. For full description and screenshots, see Room in "A Fighting Chance" v1.0 .

Mod added: 04.04.2010 | Room in A Fighting Chance v1.1.rar | 1 KB | 124 downloads

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Room in "A Fighting Chance" v1.0

This mod from DarthLordGuc adds you "A Hidden Room" located inside the shop called "A Fighting Chance". WARNING: This is UNFURNISHED version of the mod (v1.0), and furniture version (v2.0) will be finished in about 3 days. NOTE: To gain access to th

Mod added: 04.04.2010 | Room in A Fighting Chance.rar | 1 KB | 121 downloads

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A Fighting Chance Unlocked

This mod from DarthLordGuc gives you COMPLETE (even at NIGHT) entrance to a shop called "A Fighting Chance" located at Imperial City Market District and it's rooms (Basement and A Private Quarters).

Mod added: 04.04.2010 | AFightingChanceUnlocked.rar | 1 KB | 463 downloads

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BlackerrR's CM Partners

Adds 15 CM Partners to Cyrodiil and Shivering Isles. Read details for further information.

Mod added: 03.04.2010 | BlackerrR's CM | 25 KB | 1884 downloads

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Black Soul Gem Altar

With this mod you can create Black Soul Gems anytime you want!

Mod added: 01.04.2010 | Black Soul Gem | 4 KB | 2638 downloads

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Mansion of Cyrodiil's Champion

Adds unique Home in IC Palace District. Find the key near the table from witch you took Champion's Armor, in Prison District - Imperial Armory.

Mod added: 01.04.2010 | Mansion Of Cyrodiil's Champion.7z | 1.99 MB | 3280 downloads

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ICBC V. 1.21

This mod fixes some V. 1.2 bugs.

Mod added: 27.03.2010 | ICBC_v1.21.rar | 158 KB | 3884 downloads

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Bartholm 7.0

Ruled by Count Serverus Victrix, Bartholm is a small town consisting of a Castle, Arena, Inn, General Store, Chapel, Stables, Mages' Guild & 8 houses. Protected by the Bartholm Foreign Legion, the village of Slartholm is situated on the Isle of Slart.

Mod added: 27.03.2010 | | 90.64 MB | 3089 downloads

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Realistic Leveling 1.13

This improves how attribute and level advancement works. It attempts do to it in a way that is minimal and clean, without excessive overhauling or scripting. It avoids excessive configurability and options, focusing instead on making it right and keeping

Mod added: 23.03.2010 | RealisticLeveling-1_13-13879.7z | 20 KB | 1128 downloads

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ICBC V. 1.2

This mod benefits new house, storage room and NPC. PS: Sorry for delayment, I had too many internet bills not payed.

Mod added: 21.02.2010 | ICBC_v1.2.rar | 1.11 MB | 508 downloads

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Cobl 1.71

Common Oblivion (Cobl) is: 1) a world enrichment mod that adds lots of little things that enriches your gameplay experience; 2) a shared library that acts as a resource for other mods; and 3) an integration tool that allows different mods to "talk" to eac

Mod added: 05.02.2010 | Cobl_171.7z | 35.40 MB | 2673 downloads

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Toggleable Quantity Prompt - Updated 3.1.1

This mod makes it so you can sell stuff quicker. It disables the quantity pop-up. Awesome little mod.

Mod added: 05.02.2010 | | 19 KB | 977 downloads

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VOILA - Voices Of Imperial Legion Amalgamated 0.7

The main purpose of this plugin is simple, it enables non-Imperial and non-beast races guards - particularly the Legion members - to truly behave like their Cyrodiilic counterparts.

Mod added: 01.02.2010 | VOILA_0_7.7z | 1.97 MB | 770 downloads

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MiniMap - HUD Element 0.7.1b

This mod displays a highly configurable mini-map on your HUD. This map can be re-sized and tweaked to your hearts desire.

Mod added: 29.01.2010 | | 471 KB | 2010 downloads

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The Legend in the Sky

This mod from the Drakenstar Team creates a new player home in the sky. In order to obtain this house you will need to complete a quest.

Mod added: 21.01.2010 | LitSv21.7z | 10.54 MB | 7487 downloads

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Vacuity 0.2

This mod from shadeMe adds a HUD component that basically tells if the container under the crosshair is empty. It also optionally shows the total gold value of the items inside a container.

Mod added: 20.01.2010 | Vacuity_0.2.7z | 23 KB | 3672 downloads

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