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Treasure Maps v1.0

Created by Kevin
Tested by Sam

This mods adds treasure maps to the game. The maps use riddles, puzzles & pictures to give you clues to the location of the treasure. To find the treasure, follow the clues on the map. When you think you are in the right place, scan the ground. If you got it right, you will find buried treasure. The treasure is buried, so you can't see it & you probably won't stumble upon it without the clues from the map. There are 16 maps & treasures in total.You can buy the maps at The First Edition in IC, Mach-Na's Books in Cheydinhal, Renoit's Books in Chorrol & Southern Books in Leyawiin. The treasures include gold, weapons, potions, spells etc... All of the treasures are leveled, so players at any level will probably find something useful. Also, in each of the 16 treasures is a peice of a very large 17th map. If you collect all the peices, lay them on the ground & put them togther like a jigsaw puzzle to create the final map.

INSTALLATION: extract zip file into your Oblivion/Data folder & remember to activate the esp file.

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