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An update to version 1.1

(i got sick of my origanal mod and decide to totally redo it)

>About this mod

This mod replaces the default textures for the central band/main nightsky nebular with a new more colorful/detailed texture

Its 1 brand new texture made in photoshop by hand (no photo modding/screenshots)
using various filters hand drawing and blending modes and comes in 3 flavors

ULTRA (4096x2048) only really for ppl with high end 512mb+ cards only really as this one file alone is just over 8mb!

HIGH (2048x1024) Step up from the normal res should be ok for 256mb or lower speed 512mb cards have a play see how it goes

NORMAL (1024x512) Same size as the normal texture but looks a little softer than the higher res versions should'nt effect performance any diffrently that the normal nightsky texture so if you run that ok you can run this

>Compatibility Issues

This sky overwirte/replace any other sky replacement so if you've just testing it out make sure you take a backup of those files before you install it

> If your using Natural environments (by Kibosh) you'll need to inject this texture into into the


file using TR v2.0 - Texture Replacer (included in the extras folder of this rar file)
please see the User-Interface section of the TR readme for info on how to do this(its really easy about 4 mouse clicks!)

A small NaturalEnvironments Compbatiblity patch has been uploaded for those ppl who cant figure out how to use TR.exe find it at

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