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This is sort of a house mod for any type of character. But those who are closer to nature may enjoy it especially.

Content of this mod is as follows:
- mountain path with breath-taking views that leads from Boethia's Shrine almost to the top of the mountain,
- small camp in Valus Mountains surrounded by rocky blocks with a view on Imperial City, Nibenay Basin and Jerall Mountains.
- small but retextured, very detailed and unique cave that can be used as home for any type of adventurer,
- merchant/fence who wanders around Boethia's Shrine.

Other notes:
- lights in the cave depend on day/night cycle,
- you can switch on/off any sources of light in the cave like candles, fireplaces or lamps.

When you load a game go to Boethia's Shrine (SE of Cheydinhal). From there take the path to the North that leads through rocks. When you reach the mountain's ridge turn East and start to climb to the top. After a while you should approach the camp from the West side.

Next, read the note on the barrel near the entrance to the cave then go to see Adraria Magia at Boethia's Shrine. She will sell you some furniture for the cave in a similar way like the vendors in vannilla game do.

And it's not the cheapest cave :> Base price for everything (garden, scaffolding, bedroom, dining room, storage, office and laboratory) is set to 10,000 septims but it will be depended on your mercantile skill and other mods you use (such as Living Economy for instance).

Known bugs / issues / compatibility
There should be no conflicts with other mods until they change the same area near the Boethia's Shrine.

And next one is not a bug but I feel that I should warn you about this ;]
There are three respawnable containers in this mod: sack named 'Supplies', barrel named 'Ingredients' and Adraria's merchant chest (all of these are 'outside'). Everything you put at these containers or sell to merchant will be deleted after three game's days.
The rest of containers inside the cave are safe to store your loot.
Change log
- fixed two mushrooms and one shrub slightly floating outside,
- changed chains' texture that hold plant pots above the ground, now they shouldn't seem to float anymore.

Only minor changes. If you downloaded previous version and you aren't obssessed with the details like me
there's no need to download this one :]

Here's the list of changes anyway:
- replaced plant pots' ropes with chains,
- made holes in the ceiling black during a night time (this way you can't see a bright sky through the holes at the night anymore),
- slightly changed respawning ingredients and supplies in the containers (there's less of them right now).

Initial release.

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