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Thanks to APY you can now download the 3.71 full version!

If you are upgrading from 3.0+ you can simply overwrite the files and should experience no problems. The vendor will however only have the new items after his first restock (usually within 3-4 ingame days).

- Added ingame menu to set the strength of the scripted enchantments. Open the console and type "startquest AEWMenu" to get the ingame menu (note: you have to close the console for the menu to appear).

- Bows now come either enchanted or unenchanted as well. They use the same simple (i.e. critical hits, but no instant kill) damage enchantments as the blades.
- The longblades that can be found in the various ruins are now unique. They are recognizable by the 'fine' prefix and as the prefix
says they are a bit more durable, a bit faster and deal slightly more damage than their more crude counterparts. They are not enchanted however because I think most people still like to enchant them themselves.
- The Ceremonial Bows are now only called Lonbows due to name length reasons ;).

Sabre versions sorted by damage value/size:

- 2-handed Longblades
- 1-/2-handed Warblades
- 1-handed Scimitars (+offhand)

- 2-handed Long Sabres
- 1-/2-handed Courtblades
- 1-/2-handed Sabres
- 1-/2-handed Scimitars
- 1-handed Short Sabres (+offhand)
- 1-handed Knives (+offhand)

Bow versions sorted by damage value:

Warbow - slowest and strongest
Longbow - slower but stronger
Bow - normal speed and damage
Shortbow - fastest but weakest

High-Level material sets sorted by damage value/level:

- Royal: level 35+ ivory/gold
- Blademaster: level 33+ black/silver
- Bladeweaver: level 31+ black/silver
- Ranger: level 29+ green/greensilver
- Guardian: level 27+ blue/silver
- Warden: level 25+ wood/gold

+ Enchanted versions, all levels +5
+ Unique Warblade 'Gwilith' and Unique Longblade 'Bladeweaver'

Regular material sets sorted by damage value:

- Royal: level 30+ ivory/gold
- Ebony: level 25+ black/silver
- Cloud: level 20+ blue/silver
- Tree: level 15+ redish wood/gold
- White: level 10+ white/(greenish) gold
- Elm: level 5+ elmwood/black

+ Enchanted versions, all levels +5
+ two unique long sabres 'Hithlain' and 'Ithildin' with subtle glowing runeblades and special scripted enchantment

Known Issue: If you just swapped a weapon from the main- to the offhand the auto-(un)equip script may not work properly. Workaround: just un- and reequip the offhand once.
For more information, read the included readme html-file

The cloak from the screenshots is NOT included and was NOT made by me. But I recommend them... they look pretty good. Just search for 'cloaks' or the author 'Someone1074'

For troubleshooting or feedback you can visit my site: Adonnay's Armoury
Change log
New in 3.65:
- Added a few textures for the (low level) scimitars, or more precisely for their scabbards. In the previous version they all shared one texture, namely the black one.
- Fixed an issue with the Ranger Warblade pointing to the wrong .nif file (thanks to Cru for reporting this!)

- Fixed a bug in the scripts where the Courtblades would not be removed from the players inventory correctly when using the swap spell, thanks to pharzuph from the official forums!
- Refined the arrows slightly. They should now be more glossy and the arrowhead has been revamped and got a better texture with a small engraving. I hope you like it.

- Added a new weaponset, the Courtblades. Just like the regular sabre they are swappable between 1-handed and 2-handed use.

- Completed the swap and auto-equip scripts. All weapons (enchanted and unenchanted) supposed to be swappable (see Weaponlist) should be swappable now.
- The vendor should now sell all weapons. The high-level weapons (see Weaponlist) are supposed to be rare, don't come complaining that you don't find your desired weapon at the vendor ;) If you can't wait, go into the toolset and edit the leveled lists accordingly, it is no witchcraft and can be done by almost anyone.

For the full history please check the included readme.

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