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This mod gives the Oblivion UI the most extensive facelift yet. It's goal is to rid the pc version of the horrid xbox interface. Fonts are smaller, most controls are scaled, more info on screen, and the hud is improved.

OBMM Install

This requires OBMM v1.1.5+ and 'Allow additional script types' to be set in OBMM settings.

1. Extract OMOD file in the archive to "(Oblivion install folder)obmmmods"
2. Start Oblivion Mod Manager.
3. Make sure the icon by the mod name is green.
4. Double-click the the mod in the right-hand side of the OBMM screen.
5. After the install process has finished, icon should turn blue.

7z Install

1. Extract archive to OblivionData.
2. Copy/Activate the desired DarNified Books plugin from the custom_files directory.

DarNified Books.esp - Vanilla Oblivion
DarNified Books_BJ.esp - Book Jackets
DarNified Books_BP.esp - Book Placement
DarNified Books_BP_BJ.esp - Book Jackets & Book Placement
DarNified Books_IO.esp - Intelligence Overhaul
DarNified Books_IO_BJ.esp - Intelligence Overhaul & Book Jackets

3. Copy the desired fonts to OblivionDatafonts
4. Edit "My DocumentsMy GamesOblivionOblivion.ini" to use the new fonts.

Normal fonts:

Large fonts:

5. Custom options (in the custom_files folder)

5.1: If you're using AF/KCAS for leveling, copy KCAS_stats_menu.xml to "Datamenusmain" and KCAS_levelup_menu.xml to "Datamenus". Remove the KCAS_ prefixes.
5.2: A DarNified wz_Inventory can be installed by copying the contents of the wz_ folder to the "Data" directory.
5.3: If you're using Trollf's "Loading Screens Themed Replacer", copy trollf_loading_menu.xml to the "Datamenus" folder. Remove the trollf_ prefix.
5.4: The fonts folder has a selection of fonts suitable for replacing font 1 (preview included). Copy the desired .fnt and .tex pair to "Datafonts", and edit the ini.
5.5 To utilize the "No Quest Added popup" option, copy empty.xml to "Datamenusgeneric", and name it "quest_added.xml".

Go here for a detailed installation walkthrough.

Uninstall OMOD

1. Start Oblivion Mod Manager.
2. Double-click the name of the mod in the right-hand side of the OBMM screen, click Yes. (icon should turn green)

Uninstall 7z

1. Delete the files you don't want.
2. Edit your ini to the original font setup:



If you have other ui mods installed some files may conflict.

Some of my configs rely on screen estate not being occupied, and therefore some overlap can occur. When mixing mods, make sure the matching config file (if present in the archive) is included. inventory_config.xml should always accompany inventory_menu.xml. Using BTMods inventory_config.xml with my inventory_menu.xml will produce strange results. :)

Known Issues or Bugs

- When you reach top rank in a faction, the next rank label will read 'DUMMY'.

There is a mod called Faction Rank Fix:
"Creates a new rank above the highest rank of each joinable faction so as to display the word "None" after "Next Rank" rather than the default "DUMMY"."

This is also in the Unofficial Oblivion Patch v2.2.0+. I highly recommend it.

If you don't want that, there's a workaround that will hide the next rank info completely:

In stats_config.xml, change <_s4fnrv> &true; to <_s4fnrv> &false; .


1.2.6, 2007/9/29
- Fixed bug in credits menu causing user name not to appear in credits
- Made the ui compatible with Toggleable Quantity Prompt 2.0
- Dialog background is off when dialog subtitles are disabled
- Removed debug text from the enchantmentsetting menu
- Added Quest popup remover option
- Added "Cinematic dialog" options to dialog_config.xml
- Generic icon is now off when using message removers
- Added setting to remove sneak eye to hudreticle_config.xml
- Tweaked some positions in the Alchemy Menu
- Fixed color bug in the Alchemy Menu
- Enhanced version info in Main Menu
- Made proper generic message icon

1.2.5, 2007/9/16
- Added Loading Menu
- Added DarNified wz_Inventory
- Added Credits Menu
- Rewrote and ported omod install script to c#
- Added custom options for font 1
- Updated Intelligence Overhaul plugins to 1.21

1.2.1, 2007/8/18
- Fix the tiling fix to work on texture size < high
- Fix some positioning in the hud bars
- Commented out a superfluos image in the hud
- Fix EnchantmentSetting Menu height overlap when items > 4
- Fix Audio Menu width calculation
- Depth change to the selector nif to prevent overlap in DarNified wz_ inventory

1.2, 2007/7/7
- Added larger font alternative
- Added Message Menu
- Added Sigil Stone Menu
- Added Enchantment Setting Menu
- Added TextEdit Menu
- Added Skill Perk Menu
- Made all files valid xml (fixed quite a few Bethsoft bugs in the process)
- Made edits to the required files for menu escape compatability
- Made a new location background graphic to work with the larger fonts
- Changes to accomodate user limits in the Enchantment Setting Menu
DarNified Books
- Added compatible versions for Book Placement, Intelligence Overhaul and combinations thereof

1.1, 2007/5/27
- Added modified stats_menu.xml and levelup_menu.xml for AF/KCAS users
- Added Chargen Pack
- Added book_menu.xml
- Fixed spelling in/improved omod script
- Relocated all common control prefabs to fool proof selective installs
- Added config file
- Made info icon size/alpha/text configurable
- Cleaned up position code
- Made crosshair size configurable
- Added setting for 3rd person crosshair
- Made activation icon size configurable
- Made activation icon alpha configurable
- Scaled enemy health bar (optional)
- Move/rewrite of hud_reticle_config.xml
- Added config option to remove misc icon for people using message remover mods
- Added optional backdrop image to subtitle text for readability
- Move/rewrite of hud_subtitle_config.xml
- Made width dynamic to prohibit text overflow for users of the Days&Months mod
- Added config file
- Added optional backdrop image to dialog text for readability
- Fixed compass causing scissor rect to be set outside of the backbuffer
- Fixed map causing scissor rect to be set outside of the backbuffer
- Removed a separator line
- Fixed some depth bugs
DarNified Books
- Fixed stray font tag in "The Legend Of Krately House"
- Centered title in "On Artaeum" (don't think it's centered in default, but whattahey)
- Centered title in "Mythic Dawn Commentaries Vol. 2"
- Fixed page layout in "The Firmament"
- Fixed several book bugs
- Removed all traces of explicit font 1 references, which means that some scrolls are now DarNified as well (Black Horse Courier for instance)
- DarNified Books for Book Jackets is now generated with TES4Gecko

1.0, 2007/5/5 - Initial release.


Q: Why is my hud cut off at the bottom?
A: Make sure the iSafeZone* values in the ini are set to default (20).

Q: Could you please make a bigger hud, I can't see!
A: WIP :).

Q: My browser gives me some rubbish error message when I open the xml files!
A: Open them with a normal text editor. Do not use Word or anything that inserts formatting codes.

Q: What is that brown bar below my fatigue?
A: That's the durability bar. It shows the health of your currently equipped weapon.

Q: My durability bar doesn't go all the way up. Why?
A: It has a notch @100%. Once you reach expert level in armorer, it will fill up completely (125%).

Q: Is it compatible with DarkUI?
A: Not out of the box. Gothic251 has made a version that is though.

Q: My loot menu lags. Why?
A: That's there in the default config as well.

Q: My resolution is < 1024 and ...
A: Anything below 1024 will look bad. I suggest using vanilla BTMod, DarkUI, or the default config in this case.

Q: I'm making some adjustments to some settings and nothing happens, wtf?
A: The settings you're adjusting are probably overridden. This will change in the future.

Q: I'm editing the ini and nothing changes, wtf?
A: Make sure you're editing the right one (My DocumentsMy GamesOblivionOblivion.ini).

Q: The installer tells me the Palatino font doesn't support the "Regular" style. What gives?
A: Download and install the font from here.


You can find me on the forum as 'DarN'
You can find me on the official Elder Scrolls forums as 'DarN'
You can find me on as 'DarN'


Beider & Tikigod for BTMod
Theo Habit for the Font Generator
Darkbirdy for DarkUIfying my DarNifications and sending bugfixes
Gothic251 for DarkUIfying my DarNifications and sending bugfixes
wz_ for offering his excellent inventory
Eugen Prediger for allowing me to rip off some of his ideas (*)
Timeslip for OBMM and implementing my suggestions
Fawzib for TweakOblivion
ScripterRon for making DarNified Books easy to deal with
MiSP for his omod script
Brumbek for his tiling fix
Bethesda Software for making some of the most enjoyable and buggy games I have ever encountered
Everyone making bug reports, suggestions and feeback!

* - coming soon :)

Tools Used

Font Generator
DDS Converter
Oblivion Mod Manager
Visual C# Express 2005
TES Construction Set
Readme Generator


Contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging and/or modifying any part of this mod for release. You'll most likely get it, but I just appreciate being asked y'know? If you're doing so for personal use, then by all means go ahead. :)

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