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Road Signs
A mod for Oblivion
by WillieSea
V1.0 - 01/2008

Does not require SI.
Your game must be patched to v1.2.0416

This mod changes all of the city name signs to a one-sided, colored, high resolution signs. The Road names have been added to the top of each sign post. River and lake names have been added at bridge crossings. More sign posts have been added to the game.

In Cyrodiil only, All sign posts, including new posts along the main roads only.

Copy the folders in this archive into your OblivionData folder path. Merge the folders, there should be no overwrites.
If you do not have a Meshes or Textures folder, simply copy them to your Data folder.

1. Delete the DataMeshesWillieSeaRoadSigns folder.
2. Delete the DataTexturesWillieSeaRoadSigns folder.
3. Delete the DataRoadSigns.esp file.

==Technical Notes====
*These signs only have text on one side. Much more realistic than other sign mods that are double-sided.
*The normal maps are saved at a very high setting, so the words on the signs should be very sharp and clear.

The only issue would be where another mod 'changes' the sign-posts or the signs themselves. Such as raising the original games land height. You could end up with signs hanging in mid-air, or buried.

WillieSea - Mod Author, Textures, Meshes.
Mikal33 - Base wood textures.
Bethsoft - The Construction Set and all the great existing meshes and textures.


* You may use any of my meshes or textures as long as you give me credit.
* Feel free to modify this mod to suit your tastes for personal use.
* Please do not re-distribute this mod without my permission.

None as of yet. Please report any issues at the download site comments.

1.1 Updated readme with credits
1.0 Initial release

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