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* The Elder Scrolls IV *

- O b l i v i o n -

* Spear of Bitter Mercy v1.1 *


Flyfightflea, opti, and Takes Not Needs

***NOTE from opti***

If you use these models in your mod copy this section into your readme.

All art in this file is proporty of the oblivion community. all art was created by Waco
Stimson aka Opti. any un authorized use of this product such as selling or packaging for
sell is prohibited these are free models and free textures.

If you dont like it learn how to do it your self and sell your own stuff dont rip mine

Any use of these files must contain this read me. I love the community thats why i do
this so use my models and have fun.

And remember the big pointy end points twards the bad guys. ^^

***END NOTE***

The mod comes in a zip file. Use programs like Winzip to open it.

1- Extract the files by running a .zip extraction program. Place all the files into your
"Oblivion/Data" folder. Make sure you keep the directory structure. If asked to overwrite,
choose "Yes".

2- When launching the game, select data files and check this mod.

3- This mod requires OBSE v0008 or higher. Download OBSE from
and remember to load Oblivion with the OBSE loader.


For mods with many files it's best to save the archive into a seperate folder when you
download so that you'll know which files to delete when uninstalling.

2. Description

This mod adds the Spear of Bitter Mercy from the Sheogorath Daedric quest from Morrowind
to Oblivion. The spear is a high level weapon given after completing a quest. This quest
is made for high-level players so do not try to begin the quest until you are at least
level 25+. To begin the quest, go to Sheogorath's shrine.

* A challenging quest with a special boss at the end
* A powerful Spear of Bitter Mercy spear with a new model and texture
made by opti
* The Fork of Horripilation with a new model and texture and a fun
* A new cavern with some interesting challenges and treasure
* Other unique suprises! :)
* A fully retextured troll made by flyfightflea
* A brand new combat system in using the Spear of Bitter Mercy

To use the spear:

Attacks penetrates opponents' guard so that the attack is unblockable.
The spear is a magical weapons so its attacks can be resisted, reflected,
or absorbed.

For power attacks, hold block for 5 seconds until you light up. If you
release block the timer goes down. If you hold it for 10 seconds it will
be fully charged and you will flash red. As long as it is charged to 5
seconds or more, your attack will have a chance of becoming a power
attack. They have a 33% chance of success.

What power attack you may use depends on what level blade or blunt you
have. The higher skill is taken into account.

25 blade/blunt:
Normal Power Attack. Adds shock damage 1/3 of your willpower.
Requires magicka.

50 blade/blunt:
Backwards Power Attack. Knock down by attacking while going
backwards when charged.
Requires fatigue.

75 blade/blunt:
Forwards Power Attack. Critical strike doing twice the damage
by going forwards while attacking when charged.
Requires fatigue.

100 blade/blunt:
Increases power attacks' chance of success to 50%. Shock damage
is increased to half of willpower as opposed to a third of it.
Critical Strike does three times the damage instead.

You can toggle off power attacks if you want to save magicka or fatigue
by pressing the '/?' key. Press it once to make your next attack a normal
attack regardless of charged state. This also allows you to save your
charged energy. Press it again to make it so you permanently use normal
attacks. Toggle it back on again by pressing it a third time.

3. Version History

* 1.0 - Initial Release
* 1.1 - Fork glow problem fixed. Thanks Galcyon!

4. Known issues and Compatibility

* This mod should be compatable with most mods except for cell conflicts which might
result if a mod adds something at the same place as the dungeon door is in this mod
That area is very small so the chance that there is a slight conflict is very small. This
is compatible with all current versions of Unique Landscapes. It does change a spell
effect Disease Info but I know of no other mod that changes that and even if they did it
would not be a large conflict as that effect is nearly useless. This mod is perfectly
compatible with OOO 1.3 and Mighty Magicks.
* Attacking with the spear does not train your weapon skills due to scripting limitations.
* Because of CS limitations, attacking with the spear could not create sparks or blood

5. Future Plans

* Expanded quest (need ideas)

6. Contact Info

For questions, ideas, comments and bug reports send a PM to Flyfightflea at the Elder
Scrolls Forums or send an email to If you want to use the models
or textures of the spear or the fork follow the instructions above in the note section.
Make sure to copy the note into your readme.

7. Credits

opti - meshes, textures, icons for the spear and fork
flyfightflea - quest, scripting, dungeon, esp
Takes not Needs - ideas, beta testing, request thread
OBSE team - making the spear scripts possible
Lore Creature Expansion team - Golden Saint model and voices
Special thanks to ICUP for fixing the spear meshes!
Thanks to Galcyon for fixing the fork glow problem.
And thanks to all the helpful people on the CS forums.

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