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Optimised Landscape LOD MAX 0.9

Oblivion uses a number of 3D LOD meshes (*.nif) for far Distant Terrain when outside. At any one time there may be i guess around three or more of these meshes required to be rendered by the game engine at any one time. Each one may be 10 000 polygons and cause strain on low end cards. Particularly when user made body mods and an armors mods are used which range in polygon complexity from 10 000 ->100 000 polygons.

This replaces Oblivion�s default Landscape LOD meshes (*.nif) with optimised meshes using a professional reduction tool. Idea is orignally from another oblivion modder who created "Optimized LOD Landscape" and now expanded. The original Oblivion Distant Landscape Meshes uses a curious circular method for its vertices placement, the reasoning which is beyond my current understanding of 3d modeling.

These files are my own personal optimised Landscape LOD files. I have catered it for my own low end graphics card such as the Nvidia Geforce 8400M GS and will compliment others with the same or lower card and those that run in lower resolutions as the mesh complexity reduction will be less noticable.

50% Landscape LOD Optimised
Decreases polygon complexity Landscape LOD Meshes for both Oblivion and Silvering Isles. There should be little to no visual difference. Performance increase will be fair. This is my preferred.

75% Landscape LOD Optimised
Further decreased polygon complexity of Landscape LOD Meshes for Oblivion only. This version is incomplete and wil be similar to fuc847 "Optimized LOD Landscape" version some bugs may be apparent such as missing land areas due the reduction limitations however this should be less. Performance should be great with this one however loss of visual detail will be noticed as more "rectangular" distant terrain.

Navigate to "50 Percent Reduced Landscape LOD" folder and copy "Meshes" folder into your "Oblivion\Data" folder.
If you wish to use the 75% version install the 50% first then install the 75% version as it is not complete.

Delete *.nif from Oblivion\Data\Meshes\Landscape\Lod\

Additional Optimisation

I recommended to also install all of the following performance enhancing mods. Each will further help to greatly increase performance.

- Low Ploy Grass
- Low Ploy Trees RPG
- Quiet Feet MAX
- PolyGone Overhaul LOD "or" De-Parallax_mod (For people with shader performance limited cards)
- Operation Optimisation
- Wisemans Reduced Textures
- no persistant enchantment glow fix
- no weapon membrane shaders
- Hrmns Oblivion Script Optimization v 1.0
- Purge Cell Buffers

For bug reports please use the comment area in the tesnexus page of Optimised Landscape LOD MAX

0.9 13/02/2008
- Initial release. Some bugs still may be apprent.
- [50%] Optimised Landcape LOD meshes for Oblivion and Shivering Isles.
- [75%] Optimised Lanscape LOD meshes for Oblivion.

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