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The eyes of the people are one of the most important character traits. If you didn't see peoples eyes you hardly could decide on from the other. And that was something i thought to be changed. There are not more than 3 in Oblivion eyes grades for each race. I worked for half a year at a eye-replacer. I guarantee you a diversity that you can't imagine. There will be more than 75 new types of eyes. From blue / green to iceblue over grey, and so on. In addition, there will be a lot of dead eyes, which means bloodshot, blind, rotten and completely discolored. That reflects a lot of character. And I assure you photorealistic new eyes textures.

What does this mod?
This Mod adds the Game 75 new, playable Eyetypes into the Racemenu. Every of this eyes ost very characterfull.

To 99% this is my work, i want to say thanks to Maximilian in the scharesoft forum, because he added the textures to game.

You can keep on beein happy, there are two addons planed, first a Replacer of the vanilla eyes and Elveons better creature Eyes from witch you are going to see something later.

Of course the Community gets a credit, fo its nice comendation! And WinRar, witch compressed the installer and the textures from 110mb to 30mb!

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