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Detailed Terrain updates the technology used to render the game's terrain textures. The traditional shader simply fades from one texture to the next, creating ugly, muddy looking transitions in many areas. The new shader uses alpha information added to each landscape texture to mask the textures when they are blended with the textures below them, producing crisp beautiful transitions that give the illusion of much greater detail in texture application. What’s more, this effect is achieved with practically no impact on performance!

Known Issues
Issue: Blood splatters on the ground flicker in some situations.
Status: These issues should be greatly reduced in this version.

Issue: Some rocks are partly transparent when fading in to view.
Status: No practical fix is available for this issue at this time.

Texture Packs
Texture packs provide support for Detailed Terrain with mods and other optional content. These texture packs replace the textures that come with the mod in question, in much the same was as the base Detailed Terrain mod overrides the core game’s landscape textures. You must have the main Detailed Terrain mod installed to use these texture packs.

Credits & Thanks
Algorithm & Textures: ChainsawXIV
Shader Implementation: Zeroed

The textures included in the core mod are based on the terrain textures in Qarl's Texture Pack. They have been updated with alpha channels, normal maps that reduced tiling, and specular maps. QTP is not required to use this mod.

Detailed Terrain comes packed as an OMOD file, for use with Oblivion Mod Manager. This format allows for easy management of the mod's content, and is also used to update the game's shaders. You must have Oblivion Mod Manager installed to use this mod. Once you have OMM, follow these simple instructions:

1. If you have the Beta I version of detailed terrain installed, you should be sure to deactivate it before installing this version.

2. Double-click the "Detailed Terrain (Beta II).omod" file - it will open in Oblivion Mod Manager automatically.

3. Select the mod on the list on OMM, and then click the Activate button. This will begin the process of unpacking the mod's files.

4. If you are using any version of QTP, you’ll be prompted to overwrite files. Detailed Terrain upgrades these textures, so choose to overwrite all the files.

5. When everything is finished unpacking, you're done. Simply click on the Launch Oblivion button to play.

Version Notes
Version 0.4 – Beta II – February 25, 2008
- Adjusted all landscape normal maps to eliminate tiling.
- Added specular data for textures that were missing it.
- Fixed missing mip-maps that looked black at oblique angles.
- Blood splatters won't be masked by the terrain under them.
- Flickering blood splatters should be significantly reduced.
- Modifies fewer shaders, reducing future conflicts.

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