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Requires: OBSE 0014a

Adds a motion blur effect when running forward.

The effect is only applied when running forward via the W key (or whichever key that has been assigned to). It does not work with the autorun key (usually Q). If you use autorun... stop being lazy!

The effect is scaled based on the average of your character's Speed and Athletics. There will be a slight effect for any character, but the effect will become more noticeable when the average exceeds 40, and maxes out when that average reaches 140. This maximum is due to limitations in the way the effect is created--increasing the effect past that point would result in graphic anomalies.

Note: The screenshots were taken with the effect at full strength--it will not appear that strong in the game unless your speed and athletics are at 140. Bet you want some fortify athletics gear now, huh?

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