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UPDATE: This mod now includes bow swaying based on your stats and skills as well as the weight and attack power of the bow your using. How it works is: Every bow has an average of its Damage and Weight called its Power. When you pull the bow back you fully you have a certain amount of time to fire before your effected by the weight of holding the bow back. This is called your Hold Time. Your Hold Time is effected by the bows Power as well as your Endurance and Agility stats. Generally based on your stats your Hold Time will be anywhere from less than 1sec to 3-4sec at maxed stat levels of course it varies based on the bows Power. After your Hold Time is passed the bow will start to shake and sway as you strain to keep it drawn. How long you can hold it back is your Max Attack Time. This time is based on your Marksman skill and doesnt include the time to draw the bow back or your Hold Time. The amount the bow shakes and sways is based on your Max Attack Time and the highest skill possible for your Marksman skill. Once your Max Attack Time is met you will release the arrow automatically and wont be able to fire again until you release the attack button. In a future version I might include a penalty for holding the bow til you release it automatically to not allow you fire again for some time due to weakness from over straining yourself.

IMPORTANT BETA NOTE: I have no idea how OBSEs mouse movement functions scale for screen resolution. Its entirely possible that with a resolution higher than what I made the mod with (the lowest widescreen one) the effect might not be as good. Use the multiplier to adjust to your liking. I dont THINK its gonna be a problem but this is the fix if you dont notice much movement but the mod IS working correctly.

No setup required. Theres no hotkeys or anything of that nature. Just enable the plugin and go. The mod will use the defaults I set for each movement and should be more than enough for most ppl.

Features so far:
* Different head bobbing motions for each different type of movement including walking sneaking and running (with auto run support) as well as horse riding. Includes different motions for forward and back as well as left and right strafing each with its own settings that make the players "head" move up and down as well as left and right.
* Standard breathing when not moving. How much motion is linked to health. Can be toggled off with "set anballowidlebob to 0" in the console
* A console setable multiplier for all motions. Default is x1. To change the multiplier use "set anbbobqst.bobmult to x" where x is the new value. DO NOT set to less than 1.
* Global to toggle entire system on and off. Toggle with "set anballowbob to 0"

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