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Deadly Reflex - Breathing motion, Head Bobbing and Bow Sway

-by Skycaptain

(!) REQUIRES Oblivion Script Extender - Download the latest at


This mod includes 2 esp plugins; one for Breathing Motion and Head Bobbing, one for Bow Sway.



Breathing motion and Head Bobbing literally breath life into your character using advanced scripting to

model a natural, smooth motion that adapts to your actions and characters health and fatigue condition.

Bow sway uses similar scripting to integrate immersion and challenge to archery, making aiming more

difficult with crosshair sway that lives with your actions like Head Bobbing and breathing does.

Advancing in Marksman and Agility now really show on you ability to use your bow. Marksman defines how

steady your hand is in general, while agility governs how much more your bow sways when you move - the

smoothness of your movement.

DETAILED - Head Bobbing and Breathing

While idle, you can feel a smooth sway from your breathing. When you move, the "breathing" becomes more

profound and faster, representing the increase in intensity of your breathing and the movement of your

body. While sneaking, your character moves more smoothly and controls his breathing, thus the head movement

is reduced.

Also, the lower your health and/or fatigue, the more intense is your characterīs breathing.

- CONFIGURATION with console: -


Command: set HeadBobbing.Scale to [desired value]

Explanation: Multiplies ALL bobbing or breathing motion by the value used.

Default value: 0.5 (NOTE!!!)


Command: set HeadbobbingRunMult to [desired value]

Explanation: Multiplies the head movement when moving

Default value: 1


Command: set HeadBobbingSneakMult to [desired value]

Explanation: Multiplies the the head movement when sneaking.

Default value: 0.7 (NOTE!!!)


Tip: you can boost individual values like running effect by reducing the HeadBobbingScale and then boosting

the HeadbobbingRunMult, for example.


As already mentioned, your marksmanship defines how steady your hand is, while your agility defines the

penalty to your aim when moving. Thus, you can really FEEL the difference in getting better at them.

On DEFAULT settings, this plugin aims to make archery a fair and rewarding challenge. On low skill and

agility, you canīt expect to run around like a rambo on your clumsy legs and expect to hit something with

with your terrible aim.

This is justified by the fact that when aiming, your character is supposed to be actually be looking where

the arrow points, so itīs natural that it doesnīt feel comfortable to try and run and aim when you canīt

keep the bow focused. When your skills increase, your character starts to show skill at handling the bow

more flexibly.

So what CAN you do to help the aiming? Dodge that incoming arrow, and stop, feel the sway, compensate it.

When you stop, you can feel the sway settling from the moving.

Quickly adjust to the movement and make the aim before your enemy hits you.

On default settings, the sway is scaled keeping in mind the power of your mouse hand, so that shooting

becomes a little more than simple point and click. The sway is not supposed to represent the skill of your

character as such, the sway combined with your ability to adjust to is what simulates the skill level of

your character. ;)

For extra accuracy, you can hit sneak button. This is NOT because I think itīs easier to shoot

while sneaking in real life, it simply represents planting your feet, an ACTION you take to get a

steadier bow. Sneaking HALVES all sway, and at default settings serves as an important tool to "focus" on

the aiming.

Walking around has 50% smaller movement penalty than when running. Your condition affects your ability

to keep the bow steady, so try not to run low on health and fatigue.

- CONFIGURATION with console: -


Command: set BowSwayScale to [desired value]

Explanation: Multiplies ALL bow swaying by the specified value.

Default value: 1


Command: set BowScaleRunMult to [desired value]

Explanation: Multiplies the "moving while aiming" penalty.

Default value: 1


Command: set BowScaleSneakMult to [desired value]

Explanation: Multiplies the bow sway when sneaking.

Default value: 0.5


TIP: To take off the "sneaking" bonus and reduce the overall moving penalty, for example, set the

BowScaleSneakMult to 1 and then lower the BowScaleRunMult, setting it to 0.5 for example to halve the

penalty. To keep the relative penalties and bonuses, but to lower the overall sway scale with any skill

or any situation, simply adjust the overall scale by lowering BowSwayScale to a number between 0 and 1.


Unpack the .zip package with a program like WinZip, Winrar or 7zip.

Copy the included esp files into your Oblivion\Data folder.

Activate the plugins into your Oblivion launcherīs "Data files" section or with Oblvion Mod Manager or

Wrye Bash.


* * Load order does not matter, coflicts only with other mods that add headbobbing or bow sway. * *



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