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Authors: MigTheGreat, Skycaptain

Music will now only serve to "enhance" your immersion experience in Oblivion, using Oblivion's awesome soundtrack to create an immersive atmosphere that is finally "in sync with your perception". Now Combat Music will only play when "you" have already realized that you are in combat! For the drums of war to start you must spot an enemy moving aggressively towards you. Technically, the system will measure several factors to make sure the enemy is clearly within your line of sight, and for long enough to be perceived by you. For added realism, an enemy close enough will set off combat music more quickly and easily, even if they are only in your peripheral vision. If you fail to spot your enemy at all, Combat Music may still start when you are hit by surprise. On the other hand, If you run past your enemy without noticing him, you will never realize you were in danger. This setup allows Combat Music to feed the violence of battle, without giving you a sixth sense for danger.

With it's combined visual and damage detection systems, Musical Immersion covers all the possible bases, allowing Combat Music to accurately coincide with those moments when your character's adrenaline starts flowing. Then, once combat ends, there is a random delay before normal music begins again, preventing you from knowing the exact moment that you are out of danger. This greatly enhances the suspense of fleeing, because you will never know the exact moment that you have escaped your pursuers, just as in real life. It also mirrors the lasting adrenaline that must die off slowly after the battle is over.

In addition to its control of Combat Music, Musical Immersion controls the flow of �Adventure Music� by allowing there to be some delay between tracks. This delay gives you a break from the games constant sound track, allowing you to appreciate the sounds-effects of Oblivion around you, and feel like you are in a real environment; letting you hear the wind, the birds, and the wolves in all their glory. Music will now act as an immersion enhancer, setting the mood of the world around you, without being an overbearing factor that kills immersion.

This works by only enabling music when you change cells, or when a certain number of minutes have passed since the last time music was enabled. The latter operation is called Adventure Cycling, and always enables music after a set delay. This "Music Delay" between tracks is a value that any player can set for themselves with the settings menu I have created. You can either choose a random delay, or set the exact static value that your prefer. You may also set Music Delay to zero, which will disable Adventure Cycling altogether.


- This mod requires OBSE to function. You can find it at the following link:

- During the use of this mod, if you hear a drumming/pounding noise during combat, also use the Drum_Fix file that comes included. No need to use Drum_Fix unless you suffer the symptoms.

Playing the Mod:

Install, and check the ESP file to get things started. Once in-game, you can type (startquest migIMsettings) into the console if you would like to set your preferences. Make sure you do so after recieving the message that the mod has been activated.


Remove the ESP file from your data folder. After you uninstall, music may still be disabled in your Oblivion �ini� file. To activate it, find your ini file in the "My Documents/My Games/Oblivion" folder, find the �bMusicEnabled� setting by pressing CNTRL+F, and set it equal to 1.


Should only be Incompatible with other Music System's


- Spotting your enemy may fail to start combat music if your enemy is located at a different altitude (such as down a flight of stairs).

- Changing cells will only restart the music, if no music is currently playing.


- Skycaptain -

The very helpful, and talented, Co-Author of Musical Immersion. My consulatant for ideas, testing, and even scripting. You can thank him for being able to feel the adrenaline every time you spot your enemy, and start the sounds of Battle

- DarkDragon -

He inspired this mod with �Immersive Music�, the first Music System, which created a whole new category of mods through its creative methods. Musical Immersion just takes Darkdragon's original idea, and fulfills more of its potential, attempting to create the perfect music system for Oblivion.

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