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Authors: mmmpld and haama

Adds a Keychain/Keyring to your inventory that holds you keys, reducing inventory clutter. It will automatically move (Vanilla) keys from your inventory to the keychain as you pick them up. It will automatically use them when you try to open a door or container. You can equip/click the Keychain to pick up loose keys; double-equip/click to open the Options menu.

Oblivion v1.2.0416 or later
OBSE v.0014a or later

There are 2 versions, a COBL version and a non-COBL version. The non-COBL version will work with any key that's been set up properly. This includes all Vanilla keys. Here's a plug-in for all SI keys. and another for the DLC plug-ins (thanks mmmpld!). Most older mods included scripts to use the keychain, but there's no guarantee.

The COBL version will work for any key added by any mod, SI, aliens, etc. However it requires COBL v1.36 or later and Pluggy v73 or later. It also has a few extra options.

Many, many thanks to Elys for her hard work making Pluggy - this made the mod much easier to do, and brought it back into the realm of possibility.

Thanks to the OBSE team for making modder's life easier and slathering on the functions nice and thick :)

mmmpld for the original Keychain and Waruddar for his help on the 3.0 versions.

Version History
v4.02 (Main)
Updated the Readme

v4.02 (COBL)
Uploaded the correct file this time
Keychain should now be "On" when you upgrade from v3.
Included a COBL Options button for Keychain options.
Updated the Readme

v4.01 (COBL-only change)
Uploaded the wrong file - ignore

Completely rewritten - works in a fundamentally different way from previous versions (thanks to OBSE)

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