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Author: Robert

Again here's a probably final version of my male body mesh replaces the V3 version.
The shape in general didn't change much but there's quite some difference in detail. Partly it's more detailed - mesh is now about 12K faces, anatomy is more correct and the shadowing is mostly satisfying now. Rigging is adjusted with animations loaded, the one of the arms is basically reworked.
Maps are only slightly upgraded - still wasn't in the mood for texturing stuff.

It contains the three main body types: muscular, average and slender. The others will come as expansion.
All shoe and pants models with ankle/foot connection visible now have the body parts replaced (of the basic game, don't have the expansions). One more pants version is contained, 4 and 5 is muscular only. The maps of 1 and 3/4 are recolored versions the same texture and can be switched.

Optional there's the Orc head and the human one with the color settings of the body mesh. Doesn't make sense to have three different settings there like Bethesda did it, because this way head and body don't match. And the settings of the Ork head made it look like plastic.

Additionally there's the two basic idles somewhat adjusted to make charakters look less ape like - only moderately to keep smooth transition to the other animations.

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