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Author: TeamTI


This mod adds a great snow island in it's own cell which the player can travel to with the help of the Imperial Navy. We weren't quite satisfied when we saw the snow world of Bruma. There wasn't really anything interesting and it wasn't as satisfying as Solstheim. In this mod we will counter that by creating an amazingly detailed snow island.

The island will have 20 side quests and a main quest with several endings. All quests include at least 2 endings and the player's choices through dialogue and gameplay will have an effect on the outcome. Do you choose to kill that innocent man or do you offer him gold to stop him from telling his secret? It's up to you!

We also have 2 planned factions: A monk faction (aka "the true mages guild") and a faction we're keeping to ourselves for now.

The player will get to the island through joining The Imperial Navy which is on a mission on the snowy Thorlak Island. Exactly what the mission is about is unclear to you until you finally find yourself stuck in the middle of a civil war against the Nord inhabitants. Nothing goes as you would hope and soon you find yourself within the ranks of the tribal Nords or the imperialistic Imperials as you fight for the control of the island and uncover the power of an ancient civilization.
Will you bring glory to the Imperials, freedom to the Nords or will you follow any of them with your own hidden agenda? It's up to you!

Q. On what platform will Thorlak Island be released ?

A. Thorlak Island will be released only for the PC.

Q. Can you release it for the Xbox 360 or PS3?

A. No we can't sorry. It's just impossible.

Q. When will the mod be released?

A. When it's finished although a prerelease will be released on the 25th of December.

Q. Is it a Bloodmoon 2?

A. No it's nothing like that, it's a completely new mod.

Q. Where did you get the idea?

A. Like you knew... We got the idea from Solstheim with it's amazing snow landmass.

Q. Are there side-quests in Thorlak Island?

A. Yes and a lot of them too!

Q. Will there be voice-acting in the mod?

A. Yes, there will be voice acting in the mod, for each NPC. It's not included in the prerelease though.

Q. Can i help?

A. That depends on what you can do. If you want to help just PM us.

Q. Great! Where can i find more information related to this mod?

A. Browse around the forums or check our ModDB.

If you want more questions for this FAQ please PM us or leave a message here.

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