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Author: HTF

Enhanced Weather is the next generation of photorealistic weather mods. Unlike most other such mods available, it merely adds to, instead of replacing, Oblivion's default weather system, resulting in a seamless blend of both vanilla and new weathers, as well as some unique features.

Enhanced Weather has been coded from the ground up to give a more immersive and life-like weather system, and much of its work is invisible, making sure that the weather 'just feels right'. With it, there is little in the game weather-wise that feels jarring or wrong, and the weather acts as it does in the real world: you can get long spells of hot weather with showers in between or changeable weather that can't make up its mind or just plain nice weather that is nice to relax in.

Enhanced Weather has many new and unique features designed with the user in mind. These include a light weight seasonal weather script, photorealistic textures, around 30 new perfected weathers, and user customisable night luminance levels, be it darker or brighter, without the need for separate plugins.


* Enhances Oblivion's default weathers with around 30 new weathers, all tweaked to perfection.
* Enhanced climatic weather system.
* An all-new seasonal weather system - get snow in Frost Fall etc.
* Enhanced Nights, a system for customizable night light levels, through OBSE and an ini file.
* SI support, to enhance the weather of the Shivering Isles with around 80 weathers.
* HDR tweaks, to lessen the 'nuclear dawn'.
* Darker Nights plugins for those who don't have OBSE.
* Enhanced Nights for SI
* Timescale-bound weather, so the weather works at the same speed as your day.
* Enhanced Seasons, a feature for improving the seasonal feel of the game.
* User customisable weather transition speeds for both Tamriel and SI.

Change Log:

Bug fixes to timescale and Enhanced Seasons scripts.
Tied cloud speed to timescale
Snowy weather bug fixed in weather script
Altitude and latitude based weather variations added (currently only snow affected)
Textures optimised, and packaged in BSA format
Readme and ini files made clearer, more verbose.

Enhanced Seasons upgraded for ScreenEffects 1.0 support.
Bug Fixes
Tweaked weather script

Enhanced Seasons implemented
Enhanced Transitions implemented
Enhanced Transitions for SI implemented
scripts optimised/cleaned up

More refactoring
Implemented Timescale-bound weather scripts
Season and climate tweaks
Bug fixes

Fixed AWS texture dependency in EnhancedWeather - SI.esp
Implemented SI Enhanced Nights script
Refactored resources
Improved the Enhanced Nights script
Reflagged 50/80% files with proper bash flags

SI Support
Darker Nights plugins
Bug Fixes
Mod Support
Enhanced Nights implemented
Refactored resources.

Thanks go out to WrinklyNinja and Halo, without whom 1.0 and all subsequent versions would never have come about.

Please visit the Forum thread at for more info.

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