Mod: Player say Stuff Mod

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (22 KB)
File name: Player Say Stuff 1.4.omod
This mod make player talk in combat Like: "Die damn you!" and "why... wont... you... die!".
  File Name:     Author: PipBoy3000_v2
  File Size: 28 KB   Files Added: 14
  Downloads: 1,758 (1 last week)   Author Downloads: 24,909 (14 last week)
  Posted: 02.04.2009   Supporters: 4 (+1 Add)
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By ByzantineMarine (SI Newbie) on Oct 18, 2009
Finally a mod that makes me say stuff when i fight. I was getting really annoyed how i was just silent while getting attacked....... it is also a good warning mod because the second an enemy gets the idea to NOM ur brains even if he is far away u say stuff so its like an alarm saying "watch out!!!" so they can't sneak up on u since u will be looking around trying to see what the heck ur yelling at. anyways Bravo!!!!!!