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* The Elder Scrolls IV *

- O b l i v i o n -

* PCTM - v1.0 - by PipBoy3000_v2 *

PCTM: PipBoy3000_v2's Cyrodiil Travelers Mod
0.0 Description:

This mod add a new Travelers NPC to the game. go to any inn in the game and you will find them.(Making inns better then ever!)

Table of Contents: --copy or type the number into the find box (ctrl+f) to jump ahead.

1.0 Installation
2.0 Locating the PCTM
3.0 Development history
4.0 Development schedule
5.0 Thanks and credits

1.0 Installation:

How to install: Unzip the .esp file into your oblivion\data folder.Make sure before you start up the game you have the PCTM data file selected.
How to uninstall: Simply delete the PCTM file from your folder.

2.0 How to find the Travelers in the game:

any Inn in game you find will have these travelers. (Not in SI World)
and remember: All of Actors are random so every week they will change! :)

3.0 Development history:

One day i was playing Fallout 3 and ...

v1.0 : First One I Made whithout any Errors!(yet!)

4.0 Development schedule:

Things which will probably be done last but may be released early:
1- SI world with it's own Travelers!
2- Travelers Can travel every Weak!

5.0 Thanks and credits:

Thanks to Me! and Some NPCs in Fallout 3 Game!
Credits: PipBoy3000_v2
If you liked my mod and see anything you would like to add Travelers to it, feel free to do it BUT please Email me first.
contact me at: or my strategyInformer ID: PipBoy3000_v2

***"All of The Elder Scrolls Series" Camp***

if you want to tell me that my mod is good or it's not post a topic in this Camp and tell me why.

Have fun!

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