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* The Elder Scrolls IV *

- O b l i v i o n -

* TDDM - v1.101 - by PipBoy3000_v2 *

TDDM: The Drunken Dragon Mod
0.0 Description:

This mod add a new Alcohol Effect and when you drink a beer-Like_bottle you will be a bit drunk but when you drink 4 bottles( you must give your self a 2 sec rest for each bottle -in the menumode or gamemode- and drink another bottle to Effect Works!) You will be Drunk and if you drink more or do some hard work you will be K.O. for 30 sec!

Table of Contents: --copy or type the number into the find box (ctrl+f) to jump ahead.

1.0 Installation
2.0 Locating the Botols
3.0 Development history
4.0 Development schedule
5.0 Specific requests for help & Known issues\ problems
6.0 Thanks and credits

1.0 Installation:

How to install: Unzip the .esp file into your oblivion\data folder.Make sure before you start up the game you have the alcohol sideeffect data file selected.
How to uninstall: Simply delete the TDDM file from your folder.

2.0 How to find the beer-Like_bottle(s) in the game:

any beer-Like_bottle(s) you find in game and SI World have alcohol!

3.0 Development history:

One day i was playing Witcher and ...

v1.100 : First One I Made whithout any Errors!(yet!)it was named "Drinking Side Effect" and "Alcohol Side Effect"!
v1.101 : "TDDM" is faster then the "Drinking Side Effect" (Older One) and better too!

4.0 Development schedule:

Things which will probably be done last but may be released early:
1-Fixing the mod script Speed.
2-Fixing the Effect to set it at High priority.

5.0 Requests for help on specific problems:

1- How can I fix the Script Speed?
2- How can I link it to the Other mods?
3- How can I set an ScriptEffect to High priority?

Known issues and problems: please e-mail me or leave a comment at the site you downloaded this from.

6.0 Thanks and credits:

Thanks to Me! and Some Drunk NPCs in Witcher Game!
Credits: PipBoy3000_v2
If you liked my mod and see anything you would like to add Extreme alcohol to it!!!, feel free to do it BUT please Email me first.
contact me at: or my strategyInformer ID: PipBoy3000_v2

***"All of The Elder Scrolls Series" Camp***

if you want to tell me that my mod is good or it's not post a topic in this Camp and tell me why.

Have fun!

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