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Author: zertual

Wings are not included in this file.
=== Description ===

This mod adds a new Tyrael Armor set from Diablo III.

=== Location ===

You can buy in shop - A Fighting Chance in Imperial City.

=== Install ===

Extract the archive into your OblivionData folder and check the 'Tyrael Armor.esp' in the launcher.
=== Incompatibility ===


=== Known Issues or Bugs ===


=== History ===

v1.0 - (02/10/2009)
Initial release.

=== Credits ===

Big thanks to Bethesda Softworks.

=== Licensing/Legal ===

Most of the meshes and textures included in this MOD are not madified from
any other MODs.

The hand mesh and bones are made from genuine Oblivion game data.

If you would like to change my textures, or use my mod in one of your own, please contact me first through the following email.

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