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PSSM: Player say Stuff Mod

0.0 Description:

This mod make player (PC) talk in combat Like: "Die damn you!" and "why ... wont ... you ... die!".

Table of Contents:

1.0 Installatio
2.0 Development schedule
3.0 Specific requests for help & Known issues\ problems
4.0 Thanks and credits

1.0 Installation:

How to install: Unzip the .esp file into your oblivion\data folder.Make sure before you start up the game you have the PSSM data file selected.
How to uninstall: Simply delete the PSSM file from your folder.

2.0 Development schedule:

Things which will probably be done last but may be released early:
1-add the race attack talks like: "you elves all the same ..." and "fall be for me breton!".

3.0 Requests for help on specific problems:

1- How can I make an enemy race&sex tarker? (to do the race attack talk.)

Known issues and problems: please e-mail me or leave a comment at the site you downloaded this from.

4.0 Thanks and credits:

Thanks to Me! and buyChestmod_V beta for given me the idea!
Credits: PipBoy3000_v2
If you liked my mod and see anything you would like to add any topic or Script to it, Please Email me FIRST.
contact me at:

Have fun!

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