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Author: Middark

"Beware what treasure ye seek...
When finding it, one sees the truth of what ye are truly searching for..."
Summersky, High Priestess of the Mnymer

Ravens Eye Productions Presents

"The Heart of the Dead"

*********IMPORTANT NOTES!! ************************
1) There is an NPC in the mod named Wintermoon that is a Mystic Elf. (Ren's Beauty pack). During the mod she uses unique textures, but when she becomes a companion she defaults to UFF textures. What does mean for other body users? It means you must find the appropriate Mystic Elf textures for your body type and make sure they are installed if you want to have her as a companion.

2) If you are using CM Companions or any Mystic Elf esp, make sure these are set AFTER HOD in the load order.




10,000 downloads. 3 years in the making, But you've never heard it like this...

1,000 lines of fully spoken dialog. Fully speaking companions at the end. Come experience the way HOD was
meant to be played...


- 15 Characters, all fully voiced and lip synced.

- 15+ hours of in-depth storytelling and dozens of new dungeons, along with many different puzzles and riddles, to create a grand adventure in the vein of Indiana Jones or National Treasure.

- Dozens of new NPCs with over a thousand lines of dialog in a character-based quest

- Three fully realized NPCs, with their own personalities, who might become your companions, depending on your actions and interactions with them. Share their joys and tears, and maybe even fall in love�

- New weapons and armor

- Dozens of unique artwork, used with permission by dozens of the best modders in the community. Some you�ll recognize, and some will surprise you�

- A new unique home, with plenty of storage and surprises.

BONUS: Also included is an extra music pack, for those who want to listen to pieces that are appropriate to this quest.


Not all minor characters have voice. I decided to leave the characters of Oblivion alone with no voice so that it wouldn't be a jarring difference. Therefore the countess of Chorrol, her adviser, and a couple of others will still need subtitles to read their dialog.

It's still better to have the subtitles on while playing, as some of the detail text and a couple of minor characters do not have VO. See note above.

The actress who played Kat had some serious things happen in her life, which left Kat with no companion dialog. However, I did manage to scrounge together pieces of VO from her other dialog. It's obviously more generic, but it worked.

If you wish to switch her old unique text companion dialog back on, simply open the console [~] and type:

set cmPartnersQuest2.HODKatDialogSwitch to 1

The Heart of the Dead requires that Shivering Isles must be installed

Also recommended is a character 15th level or higher. A character lower than 15 can still play, but the quest can get quite tough for beginning levels.

Also make sure to turn on subtitles. There are still a couple of very minor Oblivion NPCs that have no VO.

NOTE: Not compatible with any HOD bsa version less than 6.0


All Quest Dialog, Scripting and Story: B. Freyermuth (Middark)
The Companions use a heavily modified version of �CM Partners� by Cutthroat Mods.

Testing: Thanks to the wonderful SickleYield for her many selfless hours at bug killing and advice.

===========Voice Talent============

Wintermoon - WhoGuru
Kat - Purple_Gandalf
Dublin The Collector Y-Leez - Michael Butchin (with Robert Dorf on technical support)
Inar Yurn - Dark Rider
Summersky Mara Mystic Elf - Greenwarden
Harren Rune - Euther
Dragon Lorkhan Monk - Middark

Extra Companion lines for Kat came from the "Valeria" companion mod by Deepfreeze.


Many talented and wonderfully supportive artists gave permission to use their art in the game:

Ren's Mystic Elves and Hair: Ren
Dreadweave Complete (WK Armor): Nicoroshi
Dublin's Robe:
Original Mesh: Blackheart, Conversion: SickleYield, Texture: AlienSlof
Kat's Hairstyle: Soya
Kat's Face (Nina): Luchaire
Kat�s Armor (Blood Ice Mesh): Petrovich
Kat�s Armor (Blood Ice Recoloring): Luchaire
Hunters' Outfit (Assassin�s Elite): Petrovich
Dragon Torch: Saiden Storm, B. Freyermuth, and SickleYield
Dead White King Armor: Cinkei, Ami Yoshida and Bloke
Loreless Creature Pack: Koldorn and Phitt
Akatosh Mount: Saiden Storm
Kagernacs Tools: Star Boi aka Earrindo
Daedric Statues: Cinnamon & Trey Leavens
Forgotten Shields: Pain Killer
Dwarven Ruins: mr_siika
Magic Shields: KZ
Shadow Staffs: Trollf
Underwater Beds: Kalikut
Static Water Texture: Texian
Shadow Weapons: Andragorn
Real Lava: CptJoker
Deadworld Fractals: Cory and Catska Ench
Bab and:
FF Bodies:
Ceedee for BAB
Corwyn, Daede and TeamFF

The following clothing and armor are BAB converted to UFF:
Mystic Elf Armor, both male (Fantasy) and female (Ebony Revamped)
Wintermoon�s dress (Bloodrayne)
And Kat�s dress (White Plain Velvet)

All other meshes and textures are either created by Bethesda or B. Freyermuth.

Ver 6.1
- Another small fix to get the summoning of companions working.

Ver 6.01
- Small fix to Inar when using OC.

Ver 6.0
Besides the voices, there were a few minor bug fixes this time around:

- Fixed a double polygon bug on Wintermoon's formal dress.
- Fixed the dark hunter armor having no icons.
- Fixed the dragon breath missing a texture

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