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Author: Middark

“Beware what treasure ye seek…
When finding it, one sees the truth of what ye are truly searching for…”
Summersky, High Priestess of the Mnymer

Ravens Eye Productions Presents
"The Heart of the Dead" Ver 6.2

BSA date: 10/07/2009 4:10pm
ESP Date: 11/5/2009 9:35pm



10,000 downloads. 3 years in the making, But you've never heard it like this...

1,000 lines of fully spoken dialog. Fully speaking companions at the end. Come experience the way HOD was
meant to be played...


- 15 Characters, all fully voiced and lip synced.

- 15+ hours of in-depth storytelling and dozens of new dungeons, along with many different puzzles and riddles, to create a grand adventure in the vein of Indiana Jones or National Treasure.

- Dozens of new NPCs with over a thousand lines of dialog in a character-based quest

- Three fully realized NPCs, with their own personalities, who might become your companions, depending on your actions and interactions with them. Share their joys and tears, and maybe even fall in love…

- New weapons and armor

- Dozens of unique artwork, used with permission by dozens of the best modders in the community. Some you’ll recognize, and some will surprise you…

- A new unique home, with plenty of storage and surprises.

BONUS: Also included is an extra music pack, for those who want to listen to pieces that are appropriate to this quest.


- Not all minor characters have voice. I decided to leave the characters of Oblivion alone with no
voice so that it wouldn't be a jarring difference. Therefore the countess of Chorrol, her adviser,
and a couple of others will still need subtitles to read their dialog.

- It's still better to have the subtitles on while playing, as some of the detail text and a couple of
minor characters do not have VO. See note above.

- The actress who played Kat had some serious things happen in her life, which left Kat with no
companion dialog. However, I did manage to scrounge together pieces of VO from her other dialog.
It's obviously more generic, but it worked.

If you wish to switch her old unique text companion dialog back on, simply open the console [~]
and type:

set cmPartnersQuest2.HODKatDialogSwitch to 1

The Heart of the Dead requires that Shivering Isles must be installed

Also recommended is a character 15th level or higher. A character lower than 15 can still play, but the quest can get quite tough for beginning levels.

Also make sure to turn on subtitles.

NOTE: Not compatible with any HOD bsa version less than 6.0

All zipped files need 7-zip in order to unzip them. (

Unzip the zip file into your OblivionData folder. When asked if you want to overwrite both the music and the video folder, press Yes to All.
Run the HeartoftheDead.esp and enjoy!

To install the DarkUI loading screens:
If you are using Dark UI, just unzip the HODDarkUI.7z file into your OblivionData folder.

To install bonus music files:
Make a backup directory of all your old datamusic folders. Then unzip into the data folder and say “yes” when it wants to overwrite.

To put the old Oblivion Movies back:
There is a folder in DataVideoOld that holds all the original Oblivion movies. Just put them in the Video folder, overwrite, and you will be back to the original.

Known Issues:


1) Starting the Quest: If the opening screen does not show up when you start your game, go into your quests and make the Heart of the Dead your active quest.
If that still doesn't make it pop up, head to Bruma and talk to Inar the Begger. He's in Olav's Tap and Tack.

2) If you need help on any of the puzzles, talk to one the NPCs in the quest. They can offer some helpful hints...

3) If you walk into the Cathedral at the Monastery and there is no Wraith, open the
console with [~] and type: "SetStage 0HOD01 77". This should move the quest forward. If it still doesn't go down, go into the console, click on the pillar and type "disable".

4) If the Jade pedestal in the Goddess room not work, type in console [~]:
SetStage 0HOD01 60

5) Darkness Everlasting conflicts. Take it out while playing and then put it back in after.

6) If the Big Pillar in the Dream of the Dead doesn't go down, even after hitting all three buttons, then
type "Set HOD03.OpenLastRoom to 3" in the console. If it still doesn't go down, go into the console, click on the pillar and type "disable"

7) If you get to the Dead World and the elves just stand around the doors won't open, then type:
set HOD04.SacrificeTimer to 1

8) HOD for some unknown reason takes away the CM Partner's ability to repair. Still looking into it.

9) Savior's Hollow is now moved. If you have a save game right in front of the old door location, the door will still be there, even if the rocks are gone.
This is okay. Just enter the cave and continue on. Just know that the graphic anomoly is there and cannot be fixed for your save game.
- If the door is gone, open the console and type "coc 03HODNaraCave1"

10) There seems to be some problems with the following mods:
- "See Your Sleep" crashes when you dream. You have to disable it.

- "kuerteeCrimeHasWitnesses" messes up Wintermoon's disposition. She attacks everyone in sight.
- Open the console, click on Wintermoon and type:
"getav Aggression" A number X will show up. Then type:
"setav Aggression -X" where X is the number from above.

11) Before entering the Land of the Dead in Quest 4, you must unequip any item that adjusts your
character's health. I'm currently looking into how to fix it.

12) If you have romanced Kat and rescued her from the Dead World, but she doesn't follow you,
go back to a save game right before the last portal. Open the console and type:

Set HODRavenAttitude to 1000

Then enter the portal.

13) If you wake up in the house and your new companion simply tries to talk to you and won't say anything, then open
the console and type:

"set HOD04.LastStage to 10"

14) CTD conflicts - The following will crash HOD at startup and I have no clue why:
- The unofficial patch for Battlehorn

15) SOmetimes the stairs will not go up in the Walk of the Dead, Temple of the White King, even though all the stone
weapons are in the right spot. So open the console and type:

Set HOD02.WeaponPlaced to 4

And then place one of the correct stone weapons in the correct slot.


All Quest Dialog, Scripting and Story: B. Freyermuth (Middark)
The Companions use a heavily modified version of “CM Partners” by Cutthroat Mods.

Testing: Thanks to the wonderful SickleYield for her many selfless hours at bug killing and advice.

===========Voice Talent============

Wintermoon - WhoGuru
Kat - Purple_Gandalf
DublinThe CollectorY-Leez - Michael Butchin (with Robert Dorf on technical support)
InarYurn - Dark Rider
SummerskyMaraMystic Elf - Greenwarden
HarrenRune - Euther
DragonLorkhanMonk - Middark

Extra Companion lines for Kat came from the "Valeria" companion mod by Deepfreeze.


Many talented and wonderfully supportive artists gave permission to use their art in the game:

Ren's Mystic Elves and Hair: Ren
Dreadweave Complete (WK Armor): Nicoroshi
Dublin's Robe: Original Mesh: Blackheart, Conversion: SickleYield, Texture: AlienSlof
Kat's Hairstyle: Soya
Kat's Face (Nina): Luchaire
Kat’s Armor (Blood Ice Mesh): Petrovich
Kat’s Armor (Blood Ice Recoloring): Luchaire
Hunters' Outfit (Assassin’s Elite): Petrovich
Dragon Torch: Saiden Storm, B. Freyermuth, and SickleYield
Dead White King Armor: Cinkei, Ami Yoshida and Bloke
Loreless Creature Pack: Koldorn and Phitt
Akatosh Mount: Saiden Storm
Kagernacs Tools: Star Boi aka Earrindo
Daedric Statues: Cinnamon & Trey Leavens
Forgotten Shields: Pain Killer
Dwarven Ruins: mr_siika
Magic Shields: KZ
Shadow Staffs: Trollf
Underwater Beds: Kalikut
Static Water Texture: Texian
Shadow Weapons: Andragorn
Real Lava: CptJoker
Deadworld Fractals: Cory and Catska Ench
Bab and:
FF Bodies:
Ceedee for BAB
Corwyn, Daede and TeamFF

The following clothing and armor are BAB converted to UFF:
Mystic Elf Armor, both male (Fantasy) and female (Ebony Revamped)
Wintermoon’s dress (Bloodrayne)
And Kat’s dress (White Plain Velvet)

All other meshes and textures are either created by Bethesda or Brian Freyermuth.

HOD Main Quest Music:

Author: MaestroRage(Selcuk Bor)
HOD Theme: “A Warm Storm in Avalon”
HOD Theme2: “A Warm Wind in Avalon”
“Precious Seconds”
“Cloak of Wonderment”
“Constituting Realities”
“Remember Us”
“Tell Me Once Again”
Mara’s SongSacrifice: “The Woman’s Roar”
“The Rite of Passage”
The Monastery: “The Crumbling Cathedral”
Dragon Mountain: “The Wolven Shrine”
“From Darkness Rise”
“Into That Gentle Night”

Author: Matti Paalannen
Comes the Dragon: “Fields of Tenerron”
Love Theme: “Mystic River”
Mysteries Revealed: “The Ancients”
Love Theme 2: “Dreaming of Flying”

Author: Paul Spaeth
Nightmares: “The Bedtime Story”

Some of the music gathered came from Sinblood's Additional Music pack. While he didn't create the
music within, he did modify some to fit Oblivion, as well as brought them to my attention.


All Meshes and Textures belong to Bethesda Software, unless stated above. All other content belongs to their respective owners. All other content not made by Bethesda or the artists listed above are property of Raven’s Eye Productions.

All Music was used under the following licenses, and each is property of the respective authors:


If you want to use any of the art from this mod, please contact the authors above.

If you want to use any part of this mod that is not in the list above, contact Brian Freyermuth at

Change Log
ver 6.2
- Took auto heal out of quest 3 portal for those with conflicting mods
- FINALLY fixed broken shield pedistal bug
- Turned Dead World to nightime (can't really check, so I'm hopeful)

Ver 6.1
- Another small fix to get the summon companion spells working after the end of the quest.

Ver 6.01
- Small fix to OC with Inar.

The BIG ONE. Fully voiced, and fixed a bug or two. :)
- Fully voiced
- Fixed a double polygon bug on Wintermoon's formal dress.
- Fixed the dark hunter armor having no icons.
- Fixed the dragon breath missing a texture


Version 5.51
- Quick fix to fix no audio for Inar

Version 5.5
- Added a couple of more Shadowmaces into the Goddess Temple.
- Merged in the fixes for Better Open Cities (Thanks, Arthmoor!)
- Fixed health spell that appears and makes player invulnerable.
- Master bedroom crashed when try to go back in.
- Fixed a strange dead companion that shows up in Skingrad after the end of the game.

Version 5.4
- Fixed the Mystic Elf Stones
- This fixes the 50,000 health bug at the end.
- Fixed the dead bodies of the other companions at the end from following the player.

Version 5.3
- Took out debug spell that broke the mod.

Version 5.2
- Huge Changes in the White King armor. Basically the armor now decreases your health perminantly, without using the pesky "modav" command.
- Armor in the Dead World still uses modav, but now does not affect health on a perm. basis.
- Had to put healing bowls into levels after major WK Armor puzzles.
- Make sure braziers in Dragon and Mara levels give health
- Also changed Keening and Sunder as well.
- Mystic Elf Stone Replaced with health give instead of modav.
- Get rid of health + modav when player hits the button in H3WhiteKing area.
- Smaller fixes:
- Put Set Home and Go Home back into the companions
- Change hour 20 to 8 Pm in Seed's speech
- "I follow Yee-Leez"? Now "I followed Yee-Leez"
- Made sure you can hand amulet back to the Countess even after all the quests.
- When you first enter the inn in SKingrad, before love, click on Kat and get NO GREETING. This seems to be before the update. (Countessquest = 6)
- In chapel at the end of Quest 2, Kat says goodbye and then has no greeting.
- "Debug: test" shows up when you go through the green portal.
- Took out the Innkeeper script and put it in Quest 3 for getting the room.
- Quest 4 pedestal room: Helmet doesn't show up.
- Four Corners fixed again.
- Took out Debug text "Dublin go" and the other one.
- Looks like Quest 3 Inar got broken if you get the first dream.
- Made a new door to Savior's Hollow and delete old one. This way it updates.
- Brought disposition of Wintermoon down to 50 during quest 4.
- Had Wintermoon set Aggression to 5 at the end.

Version 5.1
- Fixed SeedNeeusRef so that HOD doesn't touch it.
- Walls in Goddess Atrium now keeps working after entering White King level.
- Dead companions still teleport to the player sometimes at the end. This happens as the player moves through the world. Untested fix because cannot get to replicate.
- Made convesation between Kat and DUblin work and...
- 4-corners room conversation between Kat and Dublin.
- Propose, not purpose. :)
- make sure Breton freckled and Mystic Elf race are non-playable in the "text data" tab.

Version 5.0
- Changed Inar's speech about page-line-letter to page-line-character, including spaces.
- Spelling: After getting book, pop-ups said "alter" and "WIth".
- Another "Alter" in the pedestal texts in Dagoth Ur.
- Took out extra health check. Seems to messing with a few people's machines.
- Replaced ending white king armor with normal armor with no curse. Script was getting stuck sometimes.
- Made it so you cannot litter the World of the Dead with Hearts.
- MAJOR CHANGE: Moved Harren's Cave (Savior's Hollow) entrance to a better place, where Y-Leez won't get stuck.
- Fixed a bug where Kat might not give you the statue in the four corners room.
- HOD Partners MAJOR overhaul:
- Follow and relax now works.
- Unique dialog is now implemented for each HOD Partner. This new dialog does not affect other CM Partners.
- HOD Partners were not "reloading" when loading into a new level. (which fixes the double face bug). Now they do.
- Gave Kat some armor at the end. Kinda nice to have. :)
- Fixed it so that it didn't break the old HOD Companions.
- Fixed overlap in the end ruins
- A strange sleep token showed up in one of the leveled lists. Taken out.
- Also took out a debug message in one of the dungeons.
- Took out all references to the Imperial Race.
- Made sure all the mystic elves like Wintermoon all the time.

BSA Graphics Fixes:
- Fixed all seams in the last dungeon. At least, all the ones I could see. :)
- Fixed all the Dark UI loading screens and made it available in the update and base downloads.
- Made a new Harren's Cave graphic for new location.

Fixed in 4.2
- Hopefully fixed a problem with the Armor still taking health after the last portal of the mod. Also fixed a bug that would happen if a player took off the armor and then entered the portal.
- Unequipped Keening and Sunder at last portal so they wouldn't drain health either.
- Collector now calls female Argonians sister instead of brother.
- Took conflicting "Wind?" option out of dragon riddles.
- Make sure Monastary dining hall is closed until quest target is reached.
- Four corners fix: When you touched the boots without the gloves, Wintermoon would try and talk to you over and over. Fixed.

Fixed in 4.1
- Fixed Dublin's letter showing up no matter what at the end.
- Harren does not anymore ask you about the book right after telling you to get the book.
- Fixed Wintermoon's path in the lower Dagoth Ur levels
- Fixed waypoints at crystal tree by Harren's cave
- Dual Winters: Fixed the Dual Wintermoon bug where another Wintermoon would show up if you went to the Nere Caves in Quest 3 instead
of going through the portal in the chapel.
- Made Wintermoon's armor ultra durable.
- The Countess now remarks that she is marking the map for the Collector. Thens put map marker on the map.
- Fixed bug where Dublin kept talking to the player about going upstairs over and over again.

Ver 4.0
- Fixed major bug where both Dublin and Kat would walk into Skingrad and not say anything.
- Took out Wintermoon's summon when you enter the Dead Portal.
- Fixed missing icon on level 1 shadow staffs
- Make it so that only the shadow item needed is deleted, because there is a limited amount.
- Fixed it to work if the player already has the room in Skingrad in Quest 3.
- Made sure to configure the path markers in the dragon mountains to trigger only on queststage
- Changed Shadowstar weight
- Made sure first Dublin stays put after the Hub! He started following someone around. - Untested

ver 3.2
- Father Superior now attacks the player.
- The last scene has been altered greatly. Spoilers ahead:
- Instead of telling you to "die", Wintermoon tells you to get the armor and pass through the portal.
- She also tells you that the armor SHOULD protect you from the dead world, so don't take it off.
- The player must now don the armor and go through the portal of death.
- Dead World: 2nd and 3rd House now has door collision
- Portal to 03WKEnd: It is now based on the portal opening, not Wintermoon talking.
- You cannot buy the book if Phintias is not in his store now.
- Wintermoon should not attack now.
- Made it so Dublin will have a conversation with Kat no matter what, also if the conversation doesn't happen,
player can still talk to Kat and forward the conversation.

Ver 3.1
- Cleaned up mod, deleting over 300 dirty records.
- Fixed bug that made the first puzzle go to 12:05 and not 12:15.
- Took out "Say once" during the party scene. Check.
- When you put the Heart in the skeleton, another one does not appear.
- Fixed it so you cannot access Harren before the quest.
- (Hopefully) Fixed Fatigue and moving problems going to the Dead World from the Chapel.
- Check all doors for "It won't open" message that are meant only for the player.
- Have Yurn's Cave stay open for those who forget the Dragon's Breath Torch.
- Change getstage to 70 not 80 when in WK End and Hub (Glove door thing)
- Floating rock at the monastary
- Fixed Inar with the deletion of records.
- Last skeleton in Mara 1 needs to change back to a dagger

Ver 2.2:

Major Bug Fixes:
- Fixed major bug if you kill the that would not advance quest.
- Fixed Wintermoon not speaking to the player at the end of Quest 1
- If you Put the Heart in Lorkhan's body, it will reapper in the player's inventory.
- This, right now, causes a small bug where you can drop Hearts everywhere.
This will be fixed in the next revision.

Minor Bug Fixes:
- Put Kat's amulet on her dead body, if she ends up dead.
- Alter has become Altar.

Ver 2.1
- Fixed crash at the end when going through the final portal
- added some gold to Harren to coorispond to his dialog
- Kat's dialog now reflects the new attitude system.
- Made it so a work around could be made in the Dragon's Temple.
- Fixed open doorway in White Lava Area

Ver 2.0
- Make it so it is painfull (not deadly) to guess on Symbol Door.
- Fixed Heart being put back in at the end
- Make Dublin and Kat "easier"
- Put new House Secret nifs in bsa
- Took unique green eyes out, left default ones. This fixed eye compatibility with Beautiful People.
- Made it so you cannot dream until after talking to Wintermoon in Quest 3.
- Adjusted it so that Wintermoon will always have a disposition of 40 in the beginning
- Made it so that the player can talk to Wintermoon in monastary first and still get dialog.
- Kill off and clean up ALL old Kat's and Dublin's at end. (can't check)
- Dragon needed anim
- Wintermoon in dress... needed hands. Hands are clipping because they are not included
in nif.
- Door in First Edition needed to have player only message.
- Temp chats are out
- Fixed If you kill Dragon scenario
- Talker for Dragon positioned better
- Fixed dragon's breath

Ver 1.2
- No Heavy Gloves!
- Unlocked the door from the WK Level back to the Hub in Quest 2, so if you forgot the
Stone weapons, you can now go back.
- Lengthen time on Lorkhan
- Lengthen time on end timer
- Made it so you cannot fast travel from the end world.

ver 1.1:
- Fixed CM Companions incompatibility
- Fixed players not being able to get First Edition book in quest 2
- Fix for repeating door message in Monastary. Not confirmed.
- Fix for not being able to take the Flame Shield. Not confirmed.

Ver 1.0: Released.

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