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Common Oblivion (Cobl) is: 1) a world enrichment mod that adds lots of little things that enriches your gameplay experience; 2) a shared library that acts as a resource for other mods; and 3) an integration tool that allows different mods to "talk" to each other.

* Alchemical Sorters (store and sort your alchemical items)
* Cobl Clock (configurable on screen clock)
* Lore Books (lore books from previous Elder Scroll games)
* Tamrielic Ingredients (ingredients from Morrowind and Daggerfall)
* Tarnsman's Beer! (Beer's to buy from stores)
* Foods from Salmo the Baker (a large selection of foods)
* The Luggage (a hold all container accessible from pubs, guild halls, homes)
* Etc. etc.

Cobl Races
Cobl provides a large assortment of popular hairs and eyes plus five new races.
* Eyes from Capucine and Miss Onatop.
* Hairs from: Rens, Capucines, Babe, Soya, Throttlekitty, Saram, Corean, Kafeid.
* Races: Playable Aureal, Mazken and Xivilai. Plus Ohmes-Raht (based on Luchaire's Tabaxi), and Hidden Elves (based on Ren's Mystic Elves).

Shared Library
All the items listed above are available for use in mods. Many home mods are making use alchemical sorters, foods, water sources, mage altars, etc. that are defined in Cobl. Other mods make use of more advanced features, like Cobl's Death Handling, which allows the player's death to be safely intercepted and modified. Or more simply, Cobl provides a shared Options menu, which any mod can use to make their options easy to find and configure.

Not only does Cobl make modding easier, it also makes Cobl aware mods richer since mods able to draw form a much richer set of objects at no cost. E.g. if you go into a pub, you're more likely to find interesting beers and/or foods for sale. If you visit a house, you're more likely to find an odd collection of books, or perhaps some Adamantium ore from Mournhold.

And if you're tired of seeing multiple types of pearl dust, multiple types of mountain lion meat, etc., Cobl is on the path to fixing those problems as well.

Mod Communication
Cobl provides several interfaces that allow mods to communicate information.
* Foods added by one mod can be used to satisfy hunger requirements of a hunger mod.
* Water wells placed by a village mod can fill water containers of a thirst mod.
* And afterlife mod can suspend the activity and penalties of hunger/thirst/sleep mods.
* Etc. etc.

For more Information
* Cobl Readme
* Cobl Mods
* Cobl Modders Guide
* Cobl Relz/Wipz Topic

* German by ThreeD
* Russian by SvShu
Change log
=== 1.71 [6/08/2009] [Vacuity, Haama, LazyMonk]
* Added [[#03ItemInterchange|Item Interchange]] v0.74. [Vacuity]
* Bugfix: Removed unnecessary Ayleid Meteoric weapon textures. [LazyMonk]
* For Modders:
* Added Ayleid Expansion items - nearly 200 Ayleid clutter/misc items. [Vacuity, MEO, Cryptic Rain]
* Trap script - basic trap script that you can add to any container. [Haama, LAP]

=== 1.70 [5/14/2009] [Haama, LazyMonk]
* OBMM: Install script will automatically detect if you have FCOM, Frostcrag Reborn, and/or Frostcrag Spires Revisited and install the appropriate plugins.
* Ayleid Meteoric Weapons Bugfix [LazyMonk]: Fixed several texture paths and added missing textures.
* Move Quest Items: Added option to notify when moving a quest item.
* Spell Delete: Will now keep any effects from the deleted spell so you can use it in the Spell Making or Enchantment menus.
* Alchemical Sorters (Players): Added Poison Damage and Levitation (for Supreme Magicka).
* Alchemical Sorters (Modders): Can now use while in MenuMode. (Thanks to kyoma for finding and testing.)
* Hide options bugfix: Will now hide the Guidebook as well as Options.

=== 1.69 [4/25/2009] [Haama, Scruggsy, SkyRanger-1, Waruddar, Wrye]
* Move Quest Items [Waruddar]
* Spell Delete [Skyranger-1,Scruggsy]
* Trashcan [Haama]
* Misc. new functions [Haama]
* Power Exhaustion: [Wrye]
* Effect will reset to default player spell.
* Modified report format.
* Coblize Items is now silent by default. [Wrye]
* General Guide Book: Updated to DarNifiable format. [Wrye]

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