Mod: Bartholm 7.0
Ruled by Count Serverus Victrix, Bartholm is a small town consisting of a Castle, Arena, Inn, General Store, Chapel, Stables, Mages' Guild & 8 houses. Protected by the Bartholm Foreign Legion, the village of Slartholm is situated on the Isle of Slart.
  File Name:     Author: jsera949
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  Posted: 27.03.2010   Supporters: 3 (+1 Add)
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By drivenbymachines (I just got here) on Oct 25, 2010
I'm a bit of a noob and I was really looking forward to playing this mod, I extracted it and put a check next to all the necessary data file but still it doesn't show up, The quest doesn't even show up in my journal can you tell me what I've done wrong please?
By Illusive_Serb (SI Veteran Member) on Jan 06, 2011
Great mod. Love the arena and the fact that someone chalenges the grand champion (you). EDIT: found ingrediants. now I have diferent question. Is there any way to avoid sleeping on the ship and travel back to Cyradiil? There is no trainer on Slart island and I hate to advance a level and not use all of my trainings.
@DrivenByMachines: There is no "notification", the town is created and marked on your map as soon as you started the game (East/Southeast of Bruma)