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Name: Mansion of Cyrodiil's Champion
Version: 1.1
Date: 3/27/2010
Category: Buildings
Requirements: Shivering Isles
Author: BlackerrR

WARNING: Download MoCC Update file ONLY if you already have MoCC Version 1.02!!

From now on, sorry for bad english. :(

This mod adds unique house in Imperial City - Green Emperor Way. Contains unique furniture (thanks to exilehunter) and a lot of weapon, clothes, jewelry...Key is next to the table where you picked up Champion's Armor, in IC Prison Distrcit - Armory.

I've created Mansion that suits Champion, not only because of house, but what's inside. You will find 30K reward for you great deeds, you will find a lot of items, like weapons, clothes, jewelry...Don't worry, it's balanced so this isn't cheat mod. Talk to your friends in the Mansion (six NPCs), buy weapons, spells, clothes from them...They have fully daily routine, they will train, eat, sleep and so on. One note: Mansion will disappear during Lightning the Dragonfires, but will appear at the end.

This Mansion is Skingrad styled house in the Imperial City Green Emperor Way, which contains:
- Main Hall
- Upper Floor
- Training Room
- Worship Quarters

Would you to carry Emperor's Robe, or have unenchanted Shadowrend Axe, or unenchanted Amulet of Kings, Knight of Order Armor, Mythic Dawn Armor, or to have Ghostly Arrows (from Vitharn quest) and so on? You have the right mod. On the upper floor is a room that have 99% of items you WON'T be able to carry or are very rare, eg. Staff of Worms Replica. Also, in one of chests you can find special ingredients that have effects like spell absorbtion, summon skeleton or stunted magicka. It's very usefull for alchemists.

Chests (except 2 with arrows and ingedients), barrels and crates are all safe to use, they are non-respawnable.

You will find one special book that works almost exactly as Oghma Infinium, you can train your security on special chest which can't be unlocked. Find special activator in Worship Area which will give you special spell. And so on...

-Non-playable characters (NPCs):

There are four of them:
NOTE:(this means for every NPC that sell books)warrior and mage will sell to you 1 of 21 random books, while thief will sell 1 of 20, so there's a chance that you can buy same book 3 times in row. If you don't want this to happen, save before you activate the "Buy Book" topic.

- Eowin:
She is redguard, housekeeper. She dooesn't actualy take care of anything, she just wander around the house, eats and sleep. She can give you special Mansion Wine and nice meat. That all.
- Kephsted:
He is nord, powerfull 45-level warrior, sells ebony and elven equipment, repairs gear, can train your blade skill up to 75. Also, for 500 gold he will sell you random warrior skill book. He spends most of his time to train, he eats, sleeps and reads.
- Nemanja:
He is Breton, powerfull 45-level mage, sells spells, robes and staves, he can recharge magical items and can train your restoration skill up to 75. Also, for 500 gold he will sell you random mage skill book and heal your health, fatigue, magicka, attributes, cure paralyses, poison and diseases (will NOT heal vampirism) for 100g. He spends most of his time to train, he eats, sleeps and reads.
- Zsorana
She is Khajit, skilled 45-level thief, sells bows and arrows, can train your sneak up to 75. Also, for 500 gold she will sell you random thief skill book. She spends most of her training and sneaking around. She eats and sleeps.
- Stefan and Marrina Sarrian (Bodyguards)
They are just sitting 00-24h. But, once you ask them to follow, they will die for you, if neccesary. They will wait or return to Mansion if you order them so. You DON'T need CM Partners.

I've included a secret room that I used as testing room for NPCs, with a ...nice... chest. On the upper floor are two realy tiny doors that lead to same room. Good luck finding them (don't look on the map, they are invisible (on the map)). Look near Sheo's bust.

Enjoy playing !!!

1. Copy all files from Mansion Of Cyrodill's Champion.7z to (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\
2. Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the MansionOfCyrodiil'sChampion.esp file.

1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file(s).
2. Delete the .esp file from \Oblivion\Data\

Just replace any old files to (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\

First to know, this will conflict with mods that occupie IcPalace06 (when you teleport to IC Palace District, first left), so think twice before downloading.

Known Issues or Bugs
If you enter the Mansion before "LTD", it's not recommended to place your staff in chests or cases.
I've also happened to notice few minor buggs:

- When talking to NPCs, sometime it can show only Rumors topic (if we're talking about boduguards, there will be nothing). If that happens to you, stop conversation and activate NPC again. Do that until other topics show up. Then you shouldn't notice that bug again. I think that this is caused by another mod i have installed.

- When trying to activate "buy book" topic, nothing happens. If that happens to you, just activate topic again. Why is that, I don't know!

Changes in version 1.1:
- added more "natural" things in the house;
- more storage chests all over the house;
- fixed Tajne Pakla's bug;
- fixed bug when NPC walks "into wall" for few minutes;
- every chest, barrel and crate is now storage-safe;
- Mansion looks more alive.

Changes in version 1.02:
- no more Mehrunes Razor needed.

Changes in version 1.01:
- Added more cases in main hall;
- fixed bug when NPC walks "into chair";
- fixed some minor bugs;
- there won't be any bugs if you enter the house before "Lightning the Dragonfires" (LTD), but it's not recommended because of nature of the mod;
- added few static items all over Mansion.

You can find me on as 'BlackerrR'
You can find me on as 'BlackerrR'
You can find me on as 'BlackerrR'

This mod is 100% idea of my brother Nemanja and me, originally done by me. I've made this mod for our personal liking, but I hope that you're going to like it as we do. This is my FIRST mod ever, so please, criticism is welcome. I would appreciate ratings as more as possible (and as higher as possible :) ).

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Construction Set.
Many thanks to "exilehunter" for creating great furniture for all modders.
Thanks to and all who have posted large number of tutorials.

Tools Used
7-Zip -
Readme Generator -

You can do whatever you want once you ask me to. Contact me whenever you want. If I don't respond in one week, do whatever you want.

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