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1. Requirements
2. Introduction
3. Description
4. Partners
5. Installation/ Unistallation
6. Incompatibility
7. Known Issues and Bugs
8. Credits
9. Licensing
10. Contact

1. Requirements==========

- "BlackerrR's CM Partner.esp" requires CM Partner mod only, made by Blackie (link: ). You must activate both "CM Partners.esm" and "CM Partners.esp" before using this one. If you want to play SI version only, you DON'T have to install this one, it's not required.

- "BlackerrR's CM Partner Shivering Isles.esp" requires CM Partners (read above) and Shivering Isles. WARNING: You don't have to install this file if you want to play "BlackerrR's CM Partner.esp" only. Download this file only if you already have Shivering Isles. If you don't, then install only "BlackerrR's CM Partner.esp".

2. Introduction==========

Yes, this mod adds yet more CM Partners to Oblivion and Shivering Isles. Adds 10 companions in Cyrodiil and 5 of them in Shivering Isles. There are no special textures, meshes, icons etc...I have around 120 companions in game and I like replacing them from time to time, so there's where the idea came from. I'm planning creating even more. Enjoy! :)

From now on, sorry for bad English.

3. Description===========

With this partners you can travel from/to Tamriel to/from Shivering Isles safely, as well as Oblivion Gates. For now, there are 10 partners in Cyrodiil (1 for each race 5 males and 5 females). In SI you can find partners which are different. There's 1 Sheogorath race partner, 1 male and 1 female Dark Seducers and 1 male and 1 female Golden Saint. They won't have those stupid Iron equipment in 25th level, they are all leveled, and each of them have unique classification, AI packages, items and spells. Concerning spells, Mages won't have maximum 5 boring spells, instead they got "wisely" shosen long list of spell matching their race and class. Important: Read Partners section.

4. Partners==============

NOTE: before reading this, you should know that some of stories may be too shocking, so you should know, I DO NOT WANT TO REVIVE YOUR FEELINGS THAT MAY HAVE HAPPENED TO YOU! Please, procede carefully.

======Cyrodiil Partners======

Name: Kat Linna
Race: Argonian (female)
Class: Mage
Location: Cheydinhal Bridge Inn
Kat Linna's story:

As a very young lizard, she was stolen from her mother and taken by Morrowind's racists. There she was tortured for years. She somehow escaped and killed and slaughtered all of them, that's how she became one of the most powerfull mages in Tamriel. You can still see marks and scars all over her. Now it's all behind her and she want to start a new adventuring life.

Name: Michael (male)
Race: Breton
Class: Necromancer
Location: Bruma Jerall View
Michael's story:

This guy isn't social by any way. He's very old as well as very experianced Necromancer, he spent most of his...hmm..."carrer" in dark dungeons studing corpses, deseases and dark magic. Because he's tired of working with dead subjects, he left these type of studing and now he wants something fresh and alive. Is there any person who could join him?

Name: Otul Redemsi (male)
Race: Dark Elf
Class: Thief
Location: IC Arena Bloodworks
Otul's story:

Because of his criminal actions, both petty and big, he had to secape from Morrowind. Because of large bounty, guards in Morrowind are prepared to give fortune for his head, dead or alive!

Name: Alennta (female)
Race: High Elf
Class: Sorcerer
Location: Skingrad West Weald Inn
Alennta's story:

Powerfull sorcerer, retired chancellor of mages, she led Skingrad Mages Guild for twenty years. She is experianced in all types of magic, good or evil, dead or alive. It's known that mages from Summerset Isle are the most talented and inteligent, so don't think too much, become her partner. Now!

Name: Steffan Doorse (male)
Race: Imperial
Class: Crusader
Location: Skingrad Two Sisters Lodge
Steffan's story:

A Noble Imperial, he left Imperial City and his family not while ago. He went to explore his homeland, but he failed in his first try where he could almost die. He sill has the same adventuristic euphoria and now he is looking for someone more experianced to travel with him. Are you the right person?

Name: RaKisha (female)
Race: Khajit
Class: Assasin
Location: Cheydinhal Newlands Lodge
RaKisha's story:

Retired assasin with "dirty" personality, so there are few people she like. She worked for Dark Brotherhood for almost 40 years. Once her Listener told her that she was old to perform her duties, she cutt him to pieces and thrown his remains to Slaughterfishes. You don't want to betray her, trust me.

Name: Bongor the Nord (male)
Race: Nord
Class: Knight
Location: Bravil Silverhome On The Water
Bongor's story:

Comes from occupied Old Holds in Skyrim, where daedra murdered his whole family. Because of Nords' brutal nature, his fury caused him to kill them all, more than 10 daedras and Mythic Dawn agents with his bare hands. He needs to get over it, so he's looking for friend to help him revenge his family by reducing evil in Tamriel.

Name: Harogha (female)
Race: Orc
Class: Warrior
Location: Leyawiin Three Sisters Inn
Harogha's story:

You know what she had done after she was born from stone? She took warhammer! Harogha fought many battles, killed a lot famous warriors and was Orsinium Goverment's private agent in many operations.

Name: Reiana (female)
Race: Redguard
Class: Crusader
Location: Chorrol The Oak And Crosier
Reiana's story:

Her past is untold and uncertain, but the only thing people know about her is famous Bandit Tale. She was bandit until recently, when her 2 brothers were killed by Morag Tong. She wants to clear her name in front of the Nines and is ready to put her skills for something more usefull than robery and no-sence murders.

Name: Torgon (male)
Race: Wood Elf
Class: Archer
Location: Bravil Lonely Suitor Lodge
Torgon's story:

Torgon is strange little fellow, with strange haircut, which is said to be the source of Torgon's skills. It's said that Daedric Prince Sanguine himself moved him from his Palace to Cyrodiil, just for fun. Even Torgon himself doesn't know where he came from.

======Shivering Isles Partners======

Name: Zeogorakh (male)
Race: Sheogorath
Class: Sorcerer
Location: Sacellum Arden Sul
Zeogorakh's story:

A real Madman, he is no manian or demented, he's something altogether. His wish to be like his mentor and god, Sheogorath, made him use ancient spells and tomes to become his own copy. Sheogorath's perfect type of worshiper.

Name: Henzzneh (male)
Race: Dark Seducer
Class: Pirate
Location: House of Dementia
Henzzneh's story:

Retired bodyguard of our beloved Lady Syl. She fired him once she found out that he gives her bad luck. Now, because most of his time he spent just sitting or walking, he is more than ready for dozens of adventures.

Name: Zillana Vith (female)
Race: Dark Seducer
Class: Assasin
Location: House of Dementia
Zillana's story:

Zillana is something different. Even if her existence is based on guarding Shivering Isles, she was prostitute. Sheogorath gave her freedom for her job. It brought so much fun in Crucible. Be carefull when sleeping, she preferes brutal enjoyment.

Name: Grrisha Klapt (female)
Race: Golden Saint
Class: SEHereticMelee
Location: The Choosy Beggar
Grrisha's story:

Her point of life is to help Sheogorath's favourite people, precisly you! She is simply unable to surrender, fear and tire. She is an excelent warrior and battle is always in first place.

Name: Ufduj Wwit (male)
Race: Golden Saint
Class: SEGoldenSaintClassGuard
Location: House of Mania
Ufduj's story:

Survived last Greymarch as one of Sheogorath's personal bodyguard. Serious warrior, never laughs and concetrates on work only. He never want to hear the word 'dying', because in these hundreds of years he never fell to Waters of Oblivion.

5. Un/Installation=======

a) Install

- Unzip .zip file to a temporary folder, copy "BlackerrR's CM Partner.esp" to (install folder)\Oblivion\Data. Activate Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the same file.
- If you have Shivering Isles, copy "BlackerrR's CM Partner Shivering Isles.esp" too and do the same thing as said above.

b) Uninstall
First of all, if any partner from this mod (read 4th section - Partners) is/are following you at the moment, it's recommended to enter the game and Break Up with him/her/them. Then save and exit. Now, open "My Computer", go to (install folder)\Oblivion\Data and delete these 2 files: "BlackerrR's CM Partner.esp" and "BlackerrR's and CM Partner Shivering Isles.esp" (if you're using it).

6. Incompatibility=======

It should not conflict with any mod, except those that "drasticaly" change cells where partners are located.

7. Known Issues and Bugs=

I have tested each Partner and there should be no issues or bugs. Please report if there are any.

8. Credits===============

All credits go to Blackie and those who helped him for creating awesome CM Partners and Bethesda for allowing us to distribute our own work.

9. Licensing=============

You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that you give me credit if you distribute any part of this mod.

10. Contact==============
You can find me at TESNexus as 'BlackerrR'
You can find me at as 'BlackerrR'
You can find me at as 'BlackerrR'

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