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Hanchel Hovel v1.5 by Modder El Grande

This is the final normal version of Hanchel Hovel. There will be future version of this mod, but there will be other things associated and included in the mod. If you just want the house and nothing else, this is the mod for you. This version comes with an expanded basement. You now have to buy the house as well for 5500.

Feature In v1.4? In v1.5?
------- -------- --------
Table With Meal On Yes Yes
Fighters Guild Wall Panel Yes Yes
Upper Class Bed Yes Yes
Hay Target (Archery) Yes Yes
Heavy Wooden Target Yes Yes
Lit Fire (Fireplace) Yes Yes
Font Of Healing Yes Yes
Chest In Main Part Of House Yes Yes
Basement Yes Yes
Screenshots Yes Yes
Exterior Lamppost Yes Yes
Morning Glory Ivy On Front Door Yes Yes
A Very Jolly Smith Yes Yes
A Guard Yes Yes
An Argonian Hunter Yes Yes
A Man With A Dark Secret Yes Yes
An Easel Yes Yes
A Diamond Keystone Yes Yes
Extended Basement No Yes
Price Tag No YEs

TO UPDATE FROM VERSION v1.0/v1.2/v1.3/v1.4/v1.5

1: Uncheck the old Hanchel Hovel Mod from the data files list.
2: Delete the Hanchel Hovel Mod file.
3: Extract the files from the Hanchel Hovel 7z file.
4: Put the new Hanchel Hovel files, in the appropriate folder.
5: In the data file list check the new Hanchel Hovel mod.
6: Enjoy your mod.

None that I know of.


In the two previous versions I made I forgot to tell you where abouts it is! It's near Nenyond Twyll, if you've done all of the Mages Guild quests then you'll certainly know where it is.


Any questions, comments or suggestions are welcome. I am no longer giving out my email address but you can still contact me on UESPWiki but editing my talk page (username: ModderElGrande) or sending me a PM on strategy informer (Username: Modder_El_Grande)


Do not do anything with this mod unless you ask me first! This includes (but not limited to) re-uploading it to another site, modifying it in any way or deleting parts of it. If you're going to do this then make sure it is for personal use ONLY and do not re-upload it.

Enjoy the new mod!


Version 1.4 is available on Strategy Informer, any versions earlier than that can only be found on FilePlanet.


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