Mod: Oblivion Gate Destruction Spell
Oblivion Gate Destruction Spell

Destroys Oblivion Gates by Spell and randomly gives you a Sigil Stone based on your level
  File Name: Oblivion_Gate_Destruction_Spell_0-2.rar     Author: Tigerpaws
  File Size: 1 KB   Files Added: 2
  Downloads: 5,677 (1 last week)   Author Downloads: 5,799 (4 last week)
  Posted: 15.08.2010   Supporters: 1 (+1 Add)
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By CobraTheVenom (SI Veteran Newbie) on Sep 01, 2010
This is very useful and nice spell! But game becomes boring with it.
By Imperials_Creations (SI Newbie) on Sep 02, 2010
yeah, i think that too. you can find very nice items in gates, but its so cool speel! well done!
By d43m0n1c_kn1gh7 (SI Veteran Newbie) on Sep 06, 2010
So, basically, you have taken a basic console command, and applied it to a spell. Very... Uh... Original. By the way, for those of you who don't want to download a mod to do it, then go through the hassle of installing it, the command is closecurrentobliviongate
By Tigerpaws (SI Newbie) on Sep 06, 2010
It does a lot more then just that d43m0n1c_kn1gh7, you need to look at the code, it gives you a sigil stone thats leveled based on your rank, exactly the same as if you go in and get it, it also adds the stats you closed a gate and gives +1 fame exactly the same as going in there and doing it. closecurrentobliviongate is nothing like the mod at all, not even close it replicates all the changes that occur when you close a gate normally.
By CobraTheVenom (SI Veteran Newbie) on Sep 08, 2010
Well.....that is...better. I will try it, and I guess I will play with it. Can you do that with quest gates and great gate?
By d43m0n1c_kn1gh7 (SI Veteran Newbie) on Sep 08, 2010
So does the code, as far as I have experienced.
By BobbyDude (I just got here) on Dec 05, 2010
hey guys can some one help me im new to modding pc games I've modded xbox games in the past but this is so different could some one please help me ive copied the spell into the "data" file and when i load the launcher i click "data files" and its there i click the box and load up the game but the spells not there any suggestions? :)
By CobraTheVenom (SI Veteran Newbie) on Dec 11, 2010
You must make that spell in TES4 Construction Set. If you really want to make that spell, contact me
By seba993 (I just got here) on Aug 30, 2011
i didnt get the spel!!
By deathbirnger (SI Veteran Member) on Sep 18, 2011
this is nice kinda lame! but its 100% cool heres a rate