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Västhelm Expansion

August-October 2011

The expansion of Dibella's Watch adds new quests and new lands to explore, including the northern kingdom of Västhelm. To start the main Västhelm questline, you need to sign up for the Crusader Army at Castle St Graecius in the Deadlands. As soon as you've earned your Crusader Rank and Sword, you can get an alternative mission when speaking to Lord Marraldor. This sends you off to Västhelm. The Crusader quests have also been updated as well as what happens in the town of Al Raj.


REQUIRED: Dibella's Watch Version 1 is required ( Oblivion and the Shivering Isles expansion as well as the latest official patches. Dibella's Watch also requires OBSE to be run ( OBMM is required to set the load order of the files ( Refer to the documentation of those utilities for issues regarding them.

Tips: OBSE ELYS ( is required for the silent voice, but comes with only an eight second file for silent voices. Since this mod involves a lot of written dialogue, you might want to use the longer silent voice file which is also supplied with this mod in the "DWOptional" folder. Copy the file to your Oblivion/Data/OBSE/Plugins folder. This will replace the eight second file with a twenty second. Backup the original file in the folder by renaming it.

RECOMMENDED: HGEC Body format for female characters (, Robert's Male Body for male characters ( and Coronerra's Skeleton ( are all highly recommended, though not strictly required. Some clothing and armour items will work best with these mods installed.


Unzip the folder to your Oblivion/Data folder. Overwrite where asked. Activate the DibellasWatchAdditions.esp in OBMM. In case of problems, refer to the FAQ text file included with this download. It gives detailed installation instructions and how to get it running properly.

NOTE: If you're using only Dibella's Watch basic version without the patch, Please DEACTIVATE the previous DWAnvilTransport.esp as well as DWInGameMap.esp. these files are not required anymore since this patch incorporates them. Those files can be removed. If you're installing over the patched version of Dibella's Watch, running the game on a clean save will produce the best results. You can safely overwrite the previous patch. This expansion includes all previous updates.

If updating the mod from a previous version and wanting to play with the same character, a Clean Save will be required.

Göran Frilund, aka Antiscamp, Aug-Oct 2011

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