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Patch for Michall Wallar's Epic Dark Brotherhood.
You don't need the Original Epic Dark Brotherhood mod.
See Read me for more...

First off, a big thank you to Reznod for his/her companion share mod.And Michael Wallar's "eDB".

What this mod Do:

- New Private Quarters in Dark Brotherhood Living Chambers.
- Complete Apple-Poisoning Station In DB Training Room.
- Named Dark Brotherhood members.
- Added a Heavy Version of the DB armor.
- Hire up to 5 assassins into your guildhall.
- Buy an extra expansion to the public quarters area.
- Outfit DB Members.
- New Armors -Nordic(Light).
-Changed some NPC's (Looks)
-Markets,Inns,Houses and Exteriors Changed
-New Books,Potions and Other
-Added Mehrunes Razor Replicas in dark brotherhood.
-Skyrim Sword (in "Slash and Smash" Basment).

To Install just Extract files to your oblivion data folder
(example: C:\program files\betsheda softworks\oblivion\data).
Then when starting oblivion click "data files" and chack the mod.

ISSUE: If you are a listener when you start, you must activate the first
barrel you see in the living quarters. This will enable access to the
private quarters.

This also adds a Special Daedric Armor in the chest on top floor in the abandoned house where's enterence to the Dark Brotherhood Santuary.

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