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Name: Bann'Lok Dungeons
Version: 1.5
Date: 1/18/2012(04/23/2012)
Category: Dungeons and Locations
Requirements: Shivering Isles Patch,Knights of the nine, Oblivion Patch
Author(s): radudraq93

Bann'lok has returned with new adventure this time with something more serious and dangerous be ready!

Imperial City Palace near to "Trentius Family Mausoleum" a blue Boethian portal tipe.

This mod called Dungeons (Bann'Lok Dungeons) bring to Oblivion world several new islands worldspaces(interiors and exteriors
with an unique design). This mod it's my work in last 3 months and it's a part from my bigger story of Bann'lok.These islands
hide new books with Bann'lok legends and stories about greate places:Zilian,Northren Crossroad,
Berg Clan,Tirias,High Helm,Black Mountain, Rock Fall,High Rock,Grand Fall,Southern Highmarsh,Greate Plains,Skiros,
Helled Island,Dunhold Keep,Hammer Clan,High Marsh,Norkdark,Nedlledark,Dead Pass and more.(these are principal zones in
-treasure chests with riddles and clues for others treasure chests
-unique landscape:-rivers
-hanging forest
-ruins dungeons
-Misticaly power sites
-AI script npc's(grave thiefs/bosses) will flee when they hp will drop 40% below
-enemies won't attack player from big distance and won't see the player through walls.carefully not all npc's enemies
are the same some will see ever hear you so be sneaky or use invisibility.
-small house Hunters inn
-catacombs dungeons (bigger dungeon around the Helled island takes the whole underground)
-druid dungeon (a place with spriggan.This dungeon was a druid humans base now they are gone and spriggan's has infested the place.)
Before spriggans come in Druid cave was visited by an unknown cult of necromancers. They left something behind a portal,a portal to a new
subspace a dungeon called Necro Lab II here necromancers working all days and nights to make perfect solider from humans remaints. The place
has been abandoned by necromancers but they left something behind some failed experiments the "LIVING FLESH" be carefull in there.
-Barens mines (a small cave corridors with mine rails. This dungeon its formed from 2 parts the old mine and colapsed corridors.
In old mine goblins walk all days.And colapsed corridors are fully with Mine crawlers(land dreugh) they are protecting female eggs don't
go to closer or they will attack you.)
-Alkar'an Temple Vampire dungeon located in South point Volcano island
-Redwall haunted castle+graveyard located in Hanging Forest
-small interiors Bears/wolves lairs located in hanging forest
-Sewer dungeon located in Helled island (this dungeon is hidden on the map but its near catacombs entrance)
-Library located in helled island digging site (this library hold entire history of Bann'lok)
-Citadel of Gods located in Avilon Keep
-Roots caverns located on Vja'kel Islands
-and more dungeons

World spaces
Avilon Keep
Redwall Graveyard
Vja'Kel Island
Small Island
South Point Volcano
Helled Island
Sewer Underwater

Player will find a portal in Imperial City Palace near to Graveyard.With this portal player can travel betwen Tamriel and Bann'Lok world's.
This portal will take player to old god's council the Avilon Keep,this place was a paradise before Tamriel Era now the Keep
lies in ruin of First war of the GOD's.This strange place with Flying crystal stars and trees a real ruin in time.This place Avilon is the centre of this mod the Traveling place betwen the world.
Avilon keep keeps all portals to all places and dungeons around this mod, some portals are hidden some are in the middle,hidden portals will take player
to a epic unique dungeon with a unique reward(dungeon can be interiors and exteriors world spaces)
and portals from middle will teleport player to other world spaces like South Point Volcano, Hanging Forest and Helled island. This world spaces have
several dungeons every dungeon with own unique story/legend. South Point Volcano have a dungeon named Alkar'an Temple.Hanging Forest have small caves
Bears/wolfs lairs and 2 medium dungeons Necrofog Cavern and Redwall the haunted castle. Helled island keep more dungeon then others and its the older island
around the Bann'Lok continent, dungeons from Helled island are :Catacombs, Druid Keep, Barens Mines, NecroLab II and more secret interiors. This world is
full with hidden treasures chests,riddles misteryous sites of power and deep story about every and new places around this Bann'Lok continent.Read new books
from Library or defeat grave thiefs from catacombs or explore tropical island of Vja'kel Island, Defeat the undead power from Redwall Graveyard,explore the
swamps from Hanging forest, kill vampires from Alkar'an temple. This is a small part of what you can do here on the Islands of Bann'Lok.

Small Lore
The story of this islands starts with a continent the Bann'Lok Kindgom this continent was a peaceful and prosper formed from 5 important zones each with
own races/capital/culture.The important zones from Bann'Lok Kindgom are Eastern Kingdom(Zilian capital), Middle lands(High Helm capital),
Imperial Kingdom(Tirias),
South Point Isle's(Berg Clan capital) and Avilon(Hammer Clan capital).The islands from this mod are a part of this vast world of Bann'lok now 200-300 years
the isles was in the Bann'lok universe now they are throwen in Tamriel and Oblivion realms.A greate mage from Imperial city got a message in time from a mage,
a mage from Zilian and he said "Their continent the realm of Bann'lok is attacked by unknow powers the greate gods the greater mages the astral demons,
the Bann'lok world suffer a cataclysm and the world disapear in time and space but the spell wasn't used correctly the realm wasn't all destroied small parts
was sended to Tamriel and Oblivion realms entire islands or even the parts from the earth. But this islands were put together to form a sign, a sigil maybe for
summoning a incredible powerful demon to destroy the Tamriel too.Thats why mages has opened a porta right in Imperial city palace, right near a greate mage tomb.
For heroes who are brave enough to venture these islands and reveal they mistery (lore books/power sites/powerful spells/legendary artefacts).

And sry for my english

1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
2. Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary.
3. Copy files to (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\
4. Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file(s).

1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file(s).
2. Delete the folders Bannlok from meshes/textures and eps file "dungeons".

I tested this mod with a lots of others mods and i didnt encounter any bug/crash maybe only for mods who change something in IC palace district(this mod add a portal IC palace)
Known Issues or Bugs

If something is broken or doesn't work quite right, notify players here.
You never know, somebody might know how to resolve the issue.

You can find me on TESNexus as 'radu_draq93'
You can send me an email here:


Thanks to
Xilver for Astral Islands meshes (Midas Magic Spells)
Texian and GodHug for animated river meshes
Stroti for a lot of ressources (marketstands,wheel,small house cannon,rustic pieces)
Bethesda for this Wonderful Game, Oblivion
TESNEXUS Manager and moderator team
LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.

Tools Used
NIFSkope -
Photoshop -
TES Construction Set -
Readme Generator -

You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that
you give me credit if you distribute any part of this mod.

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