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Foreword from the Author

Welcome to Unholy Darkness, a complete vampire overhaul for Oblivion. I spent over a year making this mod, slaving away late at night, weekends and my spare time. My main goal for this mod for the player to actually feel like a vampire, and to experience many thrills exporing the deep dark secrets of the vampire underworld as they discover the powers of their new unlife. It is a dark curse, and so it should feel like one. There are some disadvantages to being a vampire, but also great powers no mortal could ever experience. I want to thank GURUSR for his scripting, Sinblood for his artwork, and the community for their help and undying support, and encouragement. Also for many great ideas which came up along the way.


I enjoyed many of the existing vampire mods out there but none of them ever felt complete; something was always missing. I either felt like a human standing in some beautifully placed vampire settings and characters, or I had some amazing powers a wonderul scripter put together, but it lacked immersion, sound effects, and graphical support, and most of all the FEELING that I was a VAMPIRE, a cold killing predator of the night. I played any vampire mod that remotely had something of interest to me, but sadly I would have to uninstall it due to game crashing bugs or unplayable quests, or both. I never FELT like a vampire. So my main goal was to come up with a complete vampire mod which fulfilled all my vampire fantasies in one easy to install package. Here are just a few of the many features:

Fully Voice Acted Quests

Unholy Darkness features fully voice acted quests and NPCs. As I mentioned, I made this mod to FEEL like a vampire, and part of a dark deep underworld and the only way that could happen was with VOICE acting, quests, and new sound effects. Originally I was selling my voice acting and sound effects to help cover file hosting, and hopefully make something for the 2000 professinal man hours that were invested into the mod, but due to potential legal issues, I have made the files all free. However, you will have to fill out an offer from a third party company who pays me for your email address or other information. This money is used to give you the best support I can, cover web site hosting fees, and buy me a cup of coffee when I'm burning the 5am oil working on this mod or upcoming sequels.

New powers

There are many many new powers to Unholy Darkness. Not just a bunch of spells either, but many powers which have hot keys, toggle on /off capabilities, custom sound effects, scripts, animations, and graphics to enhance these powers, and more. You can even press a hotkey to cycle through your "jump power" so you can jump on top of a house, or on top of a castle, if you are powerful enough. There are many traditional vampire powers which make you extremely fast, strong, agile, super jumping ability, difficult to see, enchance your personality, water breathing, glamoring npcs into doing your will, immune to disease and falls. Regeneration, healing when feeding, and hardened skin are just a few of the many powers. See a full description below.

New ways to feed

There are many ways to feed now. The old fashioned way (on someone asleep), you can talk someone into it if they like you enough, you can romantically charm someone and take their blood in a kiss, you can feed on dead bodies (until the blood is gone), or you can take the blood by force with force feed, which includes a new animation. You can also drain someone dry if you sneak force feed, killing the victim. There is bottled blood for sale, but it does not have all the same properties as fresh human blood does.

Glamoring. Vampires are masters of deception and mind control. Glamor humans into forgetting the crimes they are about to witness, giving you their blood, following you to a secluded place for a nice feed in a shadowy area, tell them to go to sleep, and much more.

Vampire additions to most of the player homes

Most of the player homes have new additions you can buy, which add a secret vampire haven to the stock homes. The chorrol home is completely transformed if you buy the optional packages, including a blood bath, loaded thrall cage, and secret sleeping chamber. The Rosethorn Hall mansion has a complete Lords manner with servant and guards, dungeon with thrall. The butler Cliftius Gravius will fetch a thrall for you on command, or serve you bottled blood. All lairs come with thrall cages you can lure unsuspecting victims to and hold them captive for when you get hungry.

Vampire dealers

Silian Valodius is your hook up. He is a vampire dealer. He is open all night, and sells items specifically for vampires. He has a dark and mysterious past, gruff voice, and isn't really that friendly. He has three quests for the player to learn about his past and earn his trust. He has rooms for rent with coffins and blood dolls, and whatever else a vampire could want. He can even get rid of pesky vampire hunters and buy your stolen wares.

Vampire Hunters

They are someone you may not wish to ever meet in Unholy Darkness. Vampires are considered evil and will be attacked if spotted, or at least reported to the authorities. If your behavior is reckless, feeding on people in the streets, showing your fangs in public, being seen feeding on someone asleep, or feeding on too many people in a guild will certainly raise your vampire bounty. Once its high enough, hunters will seek the prize and come for you. By laying low for a while, only feeding on bandits or bottled blood for a few weeks should eventually lower your bounty enough to make them go away. Or you can try to kill them, which is only a temporary solution. Or you can talk to a dealer and pay an enormous sum to get your bounty removed.

Voice Acting & Sound effects

What kind of quest is complete without voice acting? How can that ancient vampire scolding you be intimidating if its silent? What kind of vampire moves very fast without a "woosh" sound. When I feed, I want to hear the skin breaking as my teeth "crunch" into the neck. When I jump there should be a wind sound. When I fall 1000 feet, I want to hear my feet hit the ground. When my maker commands me to do something, I want to hear him speak. When an ancient aristocratic arrogant vampire is gloating over his power, I want to fully loath him by hearing the nasty in his voice.

Drawbacks & weaknesses

Now before you go ballistic and start saying these weaknesses suck, blah blah blah hear me out. How much fun is having uber powers without earning them? When a game is beaten, and there is no longer new challenges, it always becomes boring. Each weakness I designed specifically for a game play changing result. You don't want to play Oblivion any more because its the same thing every time. These weaknesses can be overcome, that is the FUN of this mod. There are tools available at the players disposal to deal with all the weaknesses, but trust me a LOT of testing went into the game play of this mod, and even if you don't like the sound of something here, even my worst skeptics have seen the light after playing it, and ended up enjoying the things they though were going to suck, pun intended.

Sundamage. When first turned it is severe, but lessens as your regeneration increases, as well as your vampire age increases. Once you are a week old vampire you can venture out into the sun for brief periods of time if you feed.

Holy Damage. Vampires take damage when inside a chapel. This can be overcome with healing potions, healing spells, and your own regeneration as you progress as a vampire.

Coffin dependency. Vampires need to sleep in their coffin or strange things happen to their mind. Voices, bugs crawling, teeth grinding, and a general insanity will start to kick in if you do not rest. If deprived of a coffin for too long, a vampire can spill blood when feeding, and never be satisfied fully, and they get very irriatating to be around.. This causes them to lose their ability to blend in with society and they cannot mask darkness. Think of it as a womb, not a tomb. A new vampire must return to their coffin to grow. As a vampire ages the time they can be away from their coffin increases, and eventually an elder vampire will outgrow the coffin entirely.

Silian Valodius sells a portable urn which is filled with special dirt. Place it near any bed in custom homes to get the same effects of sleeping in a coffin. This allows people to use custom house mods or sleep anywhere if they can't find a coffin, and get the benefits of sleeping in a coffin.

Garlic weakness. Garlic causes vampires to take damage if close enough to some really strong clusters. Simply activate them and they will burn up and wither and no longer bother you. Eating garlic will not only make your breath bad, but can potentially kill a vampire. Don't carry it around either. Bad stuff. HISS.

Vampires are considered evil, and if an NPC finds out your true nature, they will either flee from you or attack you most likely. Always stay fed so you can maintain your mask of darkness or NPC's will react, badly in most cases. If you are seen enough, or commit vampire crimes, they will hire vampire hunters to deal with you. Play careful and you might live to become an elder or even ancient vampire. Then you can go on a killing spree and most likely not fear the wrath of the game world. Money can make the hunters go away, or the tip of your sword, its up to you, but a new vampire or low level character will have one logical choice when they meet a hunter... RUN.

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